Key considerations when choosing a furniture ERP software

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 8 Aug


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a business system that can be a powerful asset in helping organisations adapting to the ever-changing environment. By utilising an integrated solution, you can optimise efficiency, increase profit and maintain productivity. But ERP unique selling point lies in its power to enable you to see a wide-angle perspective of the processes at play within the company.

ERP systems generally can handle the entirety of the business cycle as it can synchronise activities such as:

  • Manufacturing and production management
  • Finance management
  • Sales and customer relationship management
  • Supply chain management
  • Project management 
  • Reports and analytics 
  • Inventory control

Custom-made or mass-produced furniture manufacturers, will have a range of complex processes to manage. Keeping customers satisfied, remaining competitive with the latest trends, materials management or keeping the admin and quality at a high standard, all at the same time is a huge undertaking. Without a furniture ERP system in place, it is difficult to manage.

The key challenges for furniture manufacturers 

Production management on custom order combinations

A custom furniture service often provides customers with a huge range of choice, combining different designs, styles, colours and materials. The complexity of bespoke orders will take a long time if handled manually, and can add pressure on resources especially during periods of company growth or seasonal peaks. With the right furniture ERP software, product configuration can be managed any way you need, to help reach the ideal combination that meets the needs of customers. Detailed requirements from sales order can be easily converted to a bills-of-materials, saving time. 

Effective planning of resources through the supply chain

An item of furniture may be built from different materials such as wood, metal and fabric, making the supply chain planning and managing complex, particularly when it comes to high volume orders. To handle this effectively and avoid an administration nightmare, buyers can monitor and manage the supply chain and inventory using a single ERP system. It will enable buyers to make informed purchasing decisions based on sales figures and remaining inventory.

Keeping customer satisfaction high

Quality furniture ERP software can help increase customer satisfaction by offering a platform for them to enter and process data, store records for every client and swiftly address any concerns or queries. If a manufacturer invests in an ERP system with built-in CRM element, it will tie up the cycle that leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty in the most effective way possible. 

Finding the ERP system that's right for you 

Deciding on an ERP system is dependent on business requirements and objectives. Start with listing processes that exist within your organisation, and identify any problems and challenges. In turn, this should translate to some of the key functions you require from a new Furniture ERP system. After creating a shortlist of the best options for your business, be sure to request a demo that shows you how the system will help resolve the problems and challenges you initially identified.

WinMan is a comprehensive, all-in-one system suitable for different manufacturing environments. Contact us today to see how WinMan ERP could be applied to make your furniture manufacturing business more efficient and productive.

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