How to manage an effective warehouse and supply chain

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 21 Jun


Due to trends such as the 'Internet of Things', more and more businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. ERP can help manage data, consolidate existing systems, improve business processes and optimise operational facility. An integrated solution will enable manufacturers and distributors to increase effective warehouse and supply chain management, visibility into operations, simultaneously increasing speed, improve efficiency and the overall customer experience.

The nitty gritty 

Businesses will need to interact with a variety of suppliers and partners to obtain the resources they need to produce finished goods for the market. With a number of suppliers to manage, ERP software is integral to making the Supply Chain Management (SCM) process efficient. It will help reduce waste and directs the efforts of workers so that no time is wasted, by implementing it to streamline the workflow of SCM you will experience a range of fundamental advantages, including:

  • An improvement in cross-departmental efficiency among everyone involved with the supply chain.
  • Improvements to customer service, with tools to increase customer retention and bring about more repeat business opportunities.
  • An automated workflow which reduces overhead and many operating costs.
  • A minimisation of issues that can create bottlenecks that obstruct efficiency.
  • Greater flexibility in supply chain solutions, which can adapt to meet the changing needs of a company as it expands into the future.

To get the best out of an ERP solution with integrated SCM, it is vital to ensure your employees understand the role and importance of ERP within supply chain management.

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Superior supply chain management with ERP

Without clear insights into the multiple components that make up your supply chain, you can lack the means to create procedures that will give you an edge over the competition. An ERP system can give you the ability to control several aspects of the management of your supply chain and real-time operational data across multiple departments, including:

1. Planning the supply chain

Supply chain planning requires analysis of marketing promotions, current market trends, determining stock and inventory requirements - this will help ensure that stocks are replenished in line with demand. ERP systems give you flexibility, in establishing and altering parameters of your supply chain in response to real-time patterns and trends.

2. Procurement and execution

Having a system in place provides a superior means of handling procurement and supply processes. From tracking inventory, raising purchase orders, warehouse management to the processes of transportation and execution, ERP systems provide cross-platform visibility of the supply chain.

3. Measuring and Assessing

Comparing real-time activity with target projections enables you to identify undesirable variances in the supply chain and address them early on, helping to streamline processes without an arduous process of finding where the problem lies.

The superior warehouse and supply chain solution

Supply chains are intra-departmental and multi-organisational by nature, which can make effective management challenging. A supply chain process that is managed inefficiently is a liability to any business, affecting profitability which cannot be overlooked. If you want to deliver your products to end-line customers with increased speed, efficiency and quality, then investment into a comprehensive ERP solution will be hugely beneficial.

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