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The Pharmaceutical industry is often considered a leader when it comes to the utilisation of new, innovative technology to drive major advancements in R&D. When it comes to inventory, manufacturing, and supply chain management business, however, many Pharmaceutical companies still find themselves buried in paper.

There are strict traceability and regulatory compliance requirements within this industry that the company must follow. Operational quality control, efficiency and visibility are all essential to ensuring safety and maximising profits.

WinMan Enterprise ERP Solution is designed and engineered to be intrinsically scalable and flexible. It helps the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector meet a number of industry challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

WinMan ERP Software for Pharmaceutical

Most significant benefits of WinMan ERP software with Electronic Batch Records:

Improve accuracy and consistency

An automated Electronic Batch Record system will do a programmed task exactly the same way every time, improving accuracy and consistency.

Increase productivity

The most important driving force for an organisation's business success is its people. By having a familiar interface that provides information that allows a quick connection between internal and external stakeholders, employees will be able to work faster and smarter, and organisations can set the stage for increased productivity. WinMan Electronic Batch Records also eliminate time-consuming and error-prone data re-entry resulting from multiple, disparate, and paper-based systems.

Reduce Cycle Times

Pressures to achieve reduced cycle time in a manual paper based system can significantly increase non-conformance scenarios. WinMan enforces the consistent execution of manufacturing steps while providing an accurate, real-time view of process and deviation data. The time associated with detecting, tracing, resolving, correcting, and documenting deviations in the manufacturing process within various paper documents is virtually eliminated.

WinMan ERP for Pharma Manufacturers

Reduce Compliance Costs

Compliance requires capturing information accurately, organising and retaining the information and quickly and efficiently analysing and presenting it. This requires processes and procedures that are an integrated part of an organisation's way of doing business. WinMan ERP helps pharmaceutical companies operate and manufacture products in a consistent and compliant manner.

Reduce Operating Costs

The biggest cost of manual processes is people. It costs an organisation time and money to manually perform tasks that could be automated and streamlined by technology. Automated systems also reduce the risk of human error, which can result in redundant processes, rework, or even audits. Fully utilising the WinMan functions can also eliminate the large costs associated with printing, reviewing, storing and retrieving paper documents. 

Increase Ability to Scale Rapidly

As a business grows, volumes going through an organisation, and variations in processes will both increase due to different types of customers, orders, products, suppliers, etc. The disorganisation potential of paper-based business systems is far more dangerous and prohibitive to a rapidly growing company. With WinMan ERP system, an organisation can grow efficiently without a significant increase in overheads.

Improve Decision Making

Manual and paper-based processes store data in a disconnected and difficult-to-access manner. If data related to these manual processes is required for decision making, there is often a time delay in getting the data into a consistent, usable format. WinMan ERP delivers more accurate and timely information enabling a pharmaceutical manufacturer to make decisions with confidence.

Improve Patient Safety

Patient safety considerations make an automated recall procedure and 100% confidence in the registration of medicine-patient relationships desirable. WinMan provides traceability and batch record functionality allowing for fewer errors and risks to patients’ safety.

For more than ten years, the highly functional and versatile WinMan ERP system has provided the cornerstone for our successful growth, and we are particularly proud to have grown to become no.1 in the UK marketplace by supplying our acclaimed steel access covers and grilles which are 100% British made. WinMan is as important to us as ever, now that we are aiming our innovative products not only at the home market but also at foreign countries planning serious investment in new infrastructure.

Fabweld Steel Products

Our WinMan ERP system allows me to directly and quickly access the management information I need to run the business – real-time reporting of key performance indicators such as operating efficiencies and deliveries. Vitally, more consistent pricing gives a truer margin on the work we perform. Meanwhile the system has supported our company’s strategy of investment for growth and its ability to meet delivery promises, hence strengthening its reputation in the marketplace as a reliable and trustworthy supplier. An accurate delivery date to the nearest day can now be assigned by our sales administration staff within half-an-hour of an order being placed. We proudly meet over 99% of those dates.


As a director of the business it was important to me that the system we implemented not only met our functional requirements, but also came from a supplier that was prepared to take on single source responsibility. Of all of the companies we evaluated, WinMan were the only one that ticked all the boxes.


The underlying advantage of WinMan for John Sankey was its flexibility and the ease with which it could be tailored to suit the company’s specific needs.

John Sankey

Our objective was to streamline data processing and substantially reduce keystrokes – a 50% reduction was the minimum target – and a lot of that keystroking was to do with assignment. The more non-value-adding activity we can take out the better.

Thomas Broadbent and Sons

Using WinMan management can refocus employees’ efforts, eliminate paperwork and automate manual processes. It can efficiently document any procedure, process, transaction, journal, COA, formula or recipe in a way that is compliant with MHRA GMP Annex 11. This ERP system has built-in full document lifecycle capabilities, complete with automated workflows, audit trails, electronic signatures, approvals, versioning, and archiving.
From a patient safety perspective, full traceability will make it clear which patient has received which medicine, under whose responsibility and how and when the medicine was manufactured. Details of all of the constituent parts that made up the medicine, together with their batch numbers, expiry dates and manufacturers will be known. Recall procedures are thereby simplified.

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Our software provides the tools and flexibility to help Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors meet industry challenges and capitalise on market opportunities.

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