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Download one of our complementary guides to help you increase productivity and efficiency within your organisation using ERP Software and Lean Techniques

Cloud vs On-Premise ERP, How to Choose


eGuide that discusses the key differences between Cloud, On-Premise and Hosted ERP, and tips on how to decide

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Food Manufacturer's Guide to Choosing an ERP System


How companies within the Food industry can choose the right ERP system for their business.

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A Furniture Manufacturers Guide to Being Lean and Productive


For some ideas on how Furniture Manufacturers can achieve productivity goals with Lean

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Quick Guide to GDPR


For a quick and concise guide on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force May 2018

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How To Tell You Need a New ERP System


If you are experiencing these key challenges, it may be time to move to an integrated ERP system.

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10 Key ERP Guiding Principles for a Lean Environment


Are you a manufacturing company looking to implement lean into your business? This guide will provide you with the basic principles of Lean.

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What is Lean?


This is a practical guide on what is Lean, with advice on the application and implementation within an organisation.

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Integrated Lean


For modern businesses looking to maximise profitability by integrating both push and pull manufacturing methods.

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