Furniture Manufacturing Software: The top 10 benefits

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 5 Apr


When it comes to furniture manufacturing and distribution, there is a whole host of different elements that a company must keep on top of to function at their best. Here are 10 ways that a manufacturing ERP software could take your business to the next level.

1. Designed for your use

Furniture manufacturing software has been designed with furniture manufacturers and distributors in mind. The specificity of the software means it has been tailored to meet the comprehensive needs and demands, with no need to make extreme adaptations.

2. Create exact bills of materials

With furniture ERP software, you can use the product configurator function to create an accurate bill of materials for products that are made to order. There is no time-consuming write up of inventory lists every time a customer places a custom order because the system will convert a sales order to a BoM.

3. Amend orders

Customised orders can be amended using the product configurator right up until the final confirmation. It monitors and logs all changes, removing the potential for something to be missed or human error and will ensure that the final bill of materials is accurate.

4. Production planning with complete visibility

Software created for the industry will have planning capabilities that meet the challenges. Planning ability will be increased as all firm orders on the system can be seen, along with the bespoke requirements and all the required parts listed; providing complete visibility and production plans can be made with inventory and resources in mind.

5. Inventory management

The right furniture ERP solution is a great way to efficiently manage and keep track of your inventory. As buyers will be able to see what is required and the quantities needed at any given time. The software can group your manufacturing requirements, which can be used for sheets, fabric, timber and many more - making your production line more efficient and lean.

6. Traceability 

Using the sales and delivery sequence data made available to you when you purchase furniture manufacturing software, you can track your products like never before. The software's traceability labelling feature utilises barcode technology, which means no more disappearing inventory.

7. Improve manufacturing productivity

Everything runs more smoothly when it is computerised. With ERP software, you can process materials as a combined order and efficiently record material usage. Increase the overall productivity of your business by removing the need to hire additional people to complete these menial tasks and instead find more productive jobs for your staff, for the overall improvement of the company.

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8. Transport allocation

With ERP software, you will no longer need to go through the strenuous and time-consuming delivery process used as the standard for most furniture delivery companies. You can instead allocate individual order lines or entire orders straight from sales order processing to transportation.

9. Integration with your devices

A comprehensive system will integrate with your kiosk and handheld devices, which means you can link the back office with the factory, streamline inspections, vehicle load sequences, manufacturing completion and more, without paying out for additional software.

10. The best in aftercare

An integrated furniture manufacturing software will give you full access to the feature of CRM. This enables customers service operatives to manage any new customers, issues or aftercare within one system for streamlined customer service management.

If you're interested in purchasing furniture manufacturing software, contact us today. We offer customers a unique and comprehensive ERP system with simple licencing structure and affordable price.

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