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Lengthy sales cycles, strict product compliance guidelines, and continuous technological advances are typical of the Aerospace and Defense market. This is a diverse and competitive sector where high quality is the key to success.

WinMan ERP software is a supply chain and manufacturing system that integrates the whole business, allowing key personnel clear visibility of all operations from production to distribution. It has a range of functionality from CRM, Warehouse Management, and Reporting to a built-in Product Configurator.


Benefits of WinMan ERP

Serial and Batch Traceability

The software can be programmed to allocate all good inwards and finished goods with a unique identification number. This enables full traceability from the start of the manufacturing process to the finished product. 

Complete Document Management

All documentation such as contracts, technical drawings, designs, and proposals relating to the customer, supplier or partner can be attached and stored within an individual record. Outlook integration allows users to save email communications from Outlook to the relevant contact or project records.

Engineer and Configure to Order

Specific projects can be created for all 'Engineered to Order' jobs where the comprehensive product configurator can assist in creating an accurate and precise bill of materials from a sales order. Engineering project costs and progress can be closely monitored, and access to all information related to the project such as engineering schedules, purchase orders, MRP and labor are all interlinked.

Quality Control

Quality control and quality testing can be all logged within the WinMan system. Work processes or quality milestones can be put into place to ensure the necessary checks and controls are carried out. This allows any defects and costs to be easily logged, monitored, and reported.

Customer Service and Product Lifecycle Management

The support ticket feature allows businesses to provide an efficient and effective customer service desk, especially ideal for those who provide an aftercare service. All prospect and customer communications can be logged and revisited at any time. A range of information can be stored, such as multiple contacts and branches, outstanding calls, projects, support cases, and all documents related to the customer.

For more than ten years, the highly functional and versatile WinMan ERP system has provided the cornerstone for our successful growth, and we are particularly proud to have grown to become no.1 in the UK marketplace by supplying our acclaimed steel access covers and grilles which are 100% British made. WinMan is as important to us as ever, now that we are aiming our innovative products not only at the home market but also at foreign countries planning serious investment in new infrastructure.

Fabweld Steel Products

The success is daily with knowing that the information is one-hundred percent correct

Spectra Wood

Our WinMan ERP system allows me to directly and quickly access the management information I need to run the business – real-time reporting of key performance indicators such as operating efficiencies and deliveries. Vitally, more consistent pricing gives a truer margin on the work we perform. Meanwhile the system has supported our company’s strategy of investment for growth and its ability to meet delivery promises, hence strengthening its reputation in the marketplace as a reliable and trustworthy supplier. An accurate delivery date to the nearest day can now be assigned by our sales administration staff within half-an-hour of an order being placed. We proudly meet over 99% of those dates.


As a director of the business it was important to me that the system we implemented not only met our functional requirements, but also came from a supplier that was prepared to take on single source responsibility. Of all of the companies we evaluated, WinMan were the only one that ticked all the boxes.


The underlying advantage of WinMan for John Sankey was its flexibility and the ease with which it could be tailored to suit the company’s specific needs.

John Sankey

Our objective was to streamline data processing and substantially reduce keystrokes – a 50% reduction was the minimum target – and a lot of that keystroking was to do with assignment. The more non-value-adding activity we can take out the better.

Thomas Broadbent and Sons

WinMan will give executive management a much easier way to get into the granular data. Give them truer, more accurate information on a timely basis so they can make better decisions.

Crimson Renewable Energy

The ERP software enables us to communicate with all departments from the back office. It covers all aspects of CRM, distribution and stock control, financials and manufacturing;and we are able to access detailed analysis of all aspects of the business.


We have been using Winman since 2009 and it was one of the best decisions we have made within the business, it continues to serve us well and proves to be a very good solution for us.

Shaw Pallet

For more information on how ERP can help your Aerospace and Defence business contact us for more information.


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