Key benefits of cloud based ERP systems for manufacturing

Posted by WinMan on 9 Mar


You might be making custom items or mass producing in volume, as a manufacturer, your firm must use a measured approach to production to guarantee efficiency, output, and reduce waste to zero wherever possible. To succeed in the competitive arena of manufacturing, companies must produce the highest yield and satisfy their customers completely.

Cloud-based ERP solutions can offer this level of Lean Manufacturing along with allowing firms a way to expand and progress whenever required. We will explore some of the advantages of cloud-based ERP systems for manufacturing operations.

1. Full integration for an overview 

A cloud-based ERP solution can help companies integrate every aspect of their manufacturing processes seamlessly. All data is located centrally in one place where it can be viewed easily, by those with appropriate permissions. This information includes stock quantity levels, production schedules, quality control checks and workflow, allowing companies to have an accurate view of all the areas of the business at once. This integration and overview can not only enhance the way operations are running. It allows fresh insights to streamline production and make informed decisions for the future.

2. Next-generation protection 

Cloud ERP systems can provide state-of-the-art security with premium protection levels for all data retained on customers, clients, and personnel. Systems are monitored for suspicious activity and where company data is not shared with third parties to ensure compliance. Data collected using an ERP system are only accessible by authorised users and encrypted to ensure it stays indecipherable to cybercriminals.

3. A new level of agility 

Cloud ERPs offer manufacturing firms both large and small exceptional agility. With an ERP located online, staff can access vital data at any time from any location from their connectible device, like a smartphone or laptop. Whether you have personnel working remotely or an operation that spans the globe, this ease of access ensures your minimal disruption to business processes and help maintain the company's resilient.

4. Lower infrastructure running costs 

On-premise ERP solutions demand continuous and manual maintenance to ensure software and hardware stay updated, a service that comes with a price. Cloud ERP solutions are offered on subscription instead where operating costs are set and on-going based on the number users you have, without the need to maintain a hardware infrastructure.

5. Room to grow 

Just like an on-premise option, Cloud ERP can also be scaled, adjusting to your company requirements quickly as you grow. The scalability of a cloud solution makes progress far easier to adapt to, than using onsite infrastructure where any change can be, slow and complicated to achieve.

Selecting the best cloud-based ERP for your business 

An extensive range of systems are available offering cloud-based ERP for manufacturing firms, but each will have its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing cloud ERP software, it's important to compare the options available and essential to assess whether they suit the way you operate and your manufacturing processes.

For expert advice on finding the ideal solution to fit your business requirements, you can contact our dedicated team today.

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