Choosing between different cloud based ERP solutions

Posted by WinMan on 3 Nov


If you are looking for a Cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution, the goal is to use business management software that helps improve the productivity and efficiency of your company. In this article, we look at the considerations when choosing a new cloud-based ERP solution.

Assess the functionalities

When choosing between different cloud-based ERP solutions, you should select the one that simplifies and streamlines your operational processes, one that can cater to your requirements within one convenient integrated platform. Before deciding, review what the main functionalities required for the immediate future and the likely functions you would need in the long-term - as you do not want to invest in a system now and find 12 months later that it does not have all the features that you must have.

Compatibility with your business

Before you begin deciding between different cloud solutions, it is important to outline and understand the needs of your company. Having a clear understanding of what processes within your company could benefit from investing in cloud ERP software. For example, if your manufacturing process is currently too slow or prone to error, you should look for a solution that helps to optimise manufacturing processes.

While it is always useful to listen to recommendations and read reviews, ultimately, you must consider how it will specifically impact your business and your unique requirements.

On-going support 

One factor that may help you decide between different cloud-based ERP solutions is the support the ERP provider offers. Some may give on-going support whilst others may, only provide limited support during the initial sale and set-up process or offer different service levels. Another factor is where the support desk is based, is the helpdesk office hours the same as yours? Would it be an issue if it wasn't? Think about the level of support your business may require and ensure you select an ERP provider that offers this support.


It may be tempting to choose the lowest cost solution. However, pricing structures need to be assessed as some cloud ERP software providers will have basic pricing of their software but, will require additional add-ons to make the software functionality fit your requirements. Therefore, the lowest cost option may become costly when scaled to your specific business needs. Instead of looking based solely on costs, look for one that offers the best value. You should also only consider purchasing an ERP solution from a company that is transparent about their pricing and willing to explain their costs to you. Rather than finding something that has to fit your budget, it is advisable to review the solutions that are most suited to your needs and then assess it against the budget as well.


Any cloud-based solution you use for your business must have sufficient security measures. As it will handle the data of your customers and sensitive information about your production and manufacturing processes, it is essential this data is safe from hackers and stored following all the necessary legal requirements. Ask providers about their ERP cloud infrastructure and make a judgement from there.

Get in touch

When choosing an ERP system, you should consider the current challenges of your business above everything else. For more information about reliable ERP software, do not hesitate to get in touch with WinMan today, we can deliver a solution that will help you optimise your operations.

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