How technology can improve business agility and resilience

Posted by Tiffany Leung on 26 Nov


The key to surviving unprecedented times for manufacturers and distributors is to have an agile and resilient business. The most effective and straightforward way to improve the agility and resilience of your business is to introduce technology that makes the processes within your company leaner. Below, we explore how technology can improve business agility and resilience.

Enable remote working

For a business to be agile, it is essential to be able to quickly adapt to new requirements and support workers no matter where in the world they are located. Technological solutions such as ERP can allow employees to complete everyday business operations without the need to be onsite. This ensures whether you employ a remote workforce or have a team of employees spread around the globe, they will be able to work efficiently, collaboratively and effectively.

Consolidate processes

If your business currently operates with multiple work chains and utilises different software for different applications and processes, you are leaving your business vulnerable to a significant margin of error. Opting for one platform that creates an integrated workflow is much more efficient and effective and will allow your business to operate with greater agility. For example, an integrated workflow will allow you to manage communications between your suppliers, employees and customers more efficiently and ensure there are no miscommunications between different departments in your business.

Reduce costs

Technology can ensure your business is more resilient to a turbulent economy by helping you to lower your operational costs. By using ERP software, it combines multiple business processes into one convenient place, which can decrease your operational costs by only paying for one system, rather than multiple systems for different areas of your business. A more streamlined business and automated processes where possible will allow you to manage your workforce more effectively, as fewer employees will be required to operate and manage workflows.

Improve partner and customer relationships

For your business to be truly resilient, building long-lasting relationships with both your customers and business partners is important. Technology can allow you to do this by making customer relationship management a core pillar of your operations. For example, software that allows you to track the status of orders and your stock instantly, you will be able to provide your customers with relevant updates to their orders, this will strengthen the trust between yourself and your clients. An agile, streamlined work chain, for example, will ensure you never over-promise order quantities to your clients that you will be unable to fulfil.

Enable sustainable growth 

Every industry is subject to volatility, when demand for your products or services suddenly rise, using technology can ensure your business can grow sustainably and meet customer demand. The right technology will ensure that your business has the agility to scale up your services whilst keeping your operations lean. Technology will provide the flexibility to expand to accommodate increases in data and transactions as you grow.

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