Top 5 benefits of integrated ERP manufacturing software

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 15 May


A robust integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system allows businesses in the manufacturing industry to improve operational efficiency and ultimately, gain a much deeper insight into what is happening within their organisation. For manufacturing companies in a state of rapid expansion, or looking to expand in the near future, a strong ERP platform acts as a vital tool in dealing with the resulting changes in their operations and revenues.

With an ERP solution in place, businesses can effectively coordinate across different departments. The following benefits demonstrate what your manufacturing enterprise can achieve with successful ERP integration.

Streamline processes

ERP software can be used to automate and streamline processes, increasing the overall efficiency and productivity across all departments. From ensuring the smooth functioning of your supply chain, through to improving collaboration between customers, suppliers and partners, replacing clunky disparate software systems with a seamless, all-in-one solution will have countless benefits. With ERP software in place, manufacturers will have the information they need to confidently make strategically informed decisions. Furthermore, should the market change, management will be able to adapt or change processes accordingly, reducing forecasting errors and capitalising on new opportunities.

Reduce waste

According to the lean manufacturing theory, there are eight different categories of waste, and not all of these are physical. Waste not only costs your business money, but it can also drive up the prices for your customers, which could encourage them to look elsewhere. ERP software can help you to optimise your business inventory and inventory forecasting which will consequentially help your business to avoid other areas of waste, such as needless transportation, overproduction or unnecessarily waiting on essential parts/equipment.

Save costs

Without any visibility of issues, it is difficult to spot if a process isn't working and it can be difficult for Production Managers to gain an overview of the materials or resources they need to allocate effectively. ERP software provides a comprehensive overview of admin, operations, management and inventory data across the business, enabling you to successfully manage projects with real-time reporting. Your business will not only save costs through the time and resources saved trying to gather this information from multiple systems but also through reduced waste, improved processes, and profits gained through happier customers. 

Manage cash-flow 

Consistent and dependable cash flow is vital for most businesses and with an integrated ERP solution, you can take more control of your cash flow. Not only can you get real-time reports allowing you to keep a close eye on the data, but it will also enable you to run purchasing and planning reports and follow up on past-due invoices. With all transactions logged, there will be an accurate log of what is going out and what is coming in.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is a tool that businesses often use to record key customer information, including contact information and recent communication activities. This data can be used to manage essential customer relationship processes. By having an integrated CRM and ERP system, this will give your businesses a sharper insight into your customers’ preferences, accounts, spending habits and much more, giving you access to critical information as and when required.

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