How ERP can help build brand loyalty in a competitive marketplace

Posted by Tiffany Leung on 26 Jun


The marketplace today is ever-growing in its complexity and competitiveness due to the continuous advances in technology and innovation. Due to the convenience of technology customers can find information quickly and make informed buying decisions even without speaking to a salesperson. Customer expectation of service, quality and personalisation are also continuously increasing due to technology. 

Therefore, businesses across the board need to undergo a technological change as a result. The successful implementation of ERP and CRM solutions has become a key part of continual growth; when used effectively, this can reliably improve point of sale, brand the shopping experience and all-the-while exceeding buyer expectations.

This article will show you how customer loyalty can be nurtured through the use of ERP and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Effectively managing inventory

When there is a discrepancy between customer demand and the level of inventory it can cause delays, inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction. The tracking and management of stock can be simplified with an integrated system with warehouse management, sales processing and CRM functionality. This will provide total visibility and real-time data of sales orders, items in stock and ordered. Businesses will be able to use this information for speedy order fulfilment and make informed stock purchases. 

How this helps

Inventory management through the use of an ERP system gives customer-facing staff the ability to provide excellent service and gives them the tools to turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one. If, for example, an item is out of stock, then an employee can use the store's ERP solution to scan the product, find where it is in the supply chain, provide an accurate lead time, then arrange to have it shipped to the customer's home directly. Not only has the customer been prevented from going to a competitor but they've had a positive brand experience which increases the chances of customer retention.

Offering in-depth product information

Nowadays customers often expect retailers to personalise the experience with information and advice beyond the product label, seeing it as added value. For example, a customer buying from a wine merchant would expect to be able to ask for information regarding flavour notes, any complementary food products, as well as wider knowledge about the products.

Attentive and informative staff are key to the customer experience

A fully integrated ERP system allows retailers to give their staff total and instant end-to-end visibility on all products. One database call allows the member of staff to answer a customer's probing questions with thorough, well-informed answers which provides a level of detail in your customer care which goes a long way in building lasting brand loyalty and can make the difference in determining whether you get repeat visits.

Up-selling and cross-selling

Personalised customer buying experience demands a type of up-selling and cross-selling which provides genuine added value. An ERP solution can assist this; as it's possible to have configurations to alert staff of related items to promote and the customer to opportunities and items specific to what they are buying.

Practical implementations

Systems and processes can be set to alert customers of product warranties, maintenance, accessories needed to use the item, and bringing up recently available pre-orders for products that serve a similar function. Effectively implementing an ERP solution can provide a real competitive advantage, not by attempting to sell customers more than they need, but instead through helping them to find a wider range of products that will be useful to them.

Giving complete visibility to all customer and prospect data

WinMan ERP solution has a feature-rich integrated CRM system amongst a range of other functionalities, with manifold uses and benefits to businesses across a wide range of sectors. This comprehensive all-in-one system offers an advanced way to streamline the customer experience and build brand loyalty that will last while serving to continually encourage repeat business.

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