Effective sales order processing in ERP software

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 17 Dec


Sales order processing is a series of actions followed by a business to fulfil a customer’s order and details information such as prices, delivery time frame and quantity. To successfully fulfil an order, you must relay the right information to all the departments involved. Communication is very important in sales order processing, which is where ERP systems come in.

How can ERP software help you with sales order processing?

The main advantage of using ERP in any business operation is automation. Introducing automation at every level (sales, accounting, customer service and fulfilment) improves efficiency and reduces errors. Here is how ERP can make order processing easier for you.

Automates order capturing

In recent years, we have seen customers shift towards tech-enabled sales channels from the traditional in-person phone and email channels. They also expect fast deliveries and regular updates on their orders. Manual data entry is not only slow and tedious, but it also lacks coordination and transparency. Adopting an ERP system helps you automate and streamline processes, which reduces the amount of time spent working on an order.

Faster order fulfilment

ERP software integrates information from different departments, such as sales, accounting, customer service and fulfilment, into one data stream. Having access to such information together with automation makes it easier to process orders.

Improved accuracy

Automation reduces human interference in sales order processing, eliminating the risk of human error. You will have fewer returns, faster shipping, and, therefore, improved customer satisfaction.

Improved customer experience

To retain old customers and attract new ones, you must provide excellent customer service. Buyers want fast shipping and accurate orders. ERP software helps you meet these needs by automating various functions and improving accuracy. For a better shopping experience, also empower your customers with self-service opportunities. A sense of control enables them to track and make changes to their orders.

How does ERP software promote efficiency?

When used correctly, ERP can be a game-changer for your company. Here are a few ways ERP can improve efficiency.


ERP significantly reduces operational costs. Since all data is stored into a central database, you don’t have to worry about handling multiple data sources.

Integrated management

Having access to real-time information from different departments is extremely important in sales order processing. ERP goes a step further and enables users to access this information at any time. This kind of integration improves accuracy and increases productivity among workers.

Better decision making

Executives and managers can make better decisions about the supply chain stakeholders because they have the necessary information at their disposal. Customer feedback helps them identify which departments are performing well and also those that need improving.

A one-size-fits-all ERP system will not offer you the benefits mentioned above. However, an integrated ERP system with built-in sale processing will provide you with a seamless flow between initial sale and delivery.

Once a customer makes an order, all departments are alerted so that they can work together to process it. Automation and integration enable them to track order progress and schedule their task accordingly. The sales team generates details of the order to be used in production, packaging and shipping. Finally, an automated invoice can be generated inclusive of taxes and freight charges, right before the order is dispatched.

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