Efficient warehouse stock control for better customer satisfaction

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 22 Aug


Maintaining high customer service levels is important as satisfied customers are more likely to be retained and recommend your product or services to others. Service levels can be affected by inefficient processes behind your operation. Look carefully at your stock management, from the ordering of stock, storage to how it is delivered. Below we explore how an efficient warehouse stock control system can help improve customer satisfaction.

Reduces the risk of stock shortage

Using a warehouse management system will ensure you have the most up-to-date stock information. Warehouse systems can alert you to products that are selling fast and make you aware when stock is running low. It will minimise stock inaccuracies that can lead to customer dissatisfaction and the possible loss of that customer. When you use technology to manage stock levels, it will also prevent the need to keep a supply of emergency stock.

Plan for changes in demand

Fluctuations or increases in demand should be accounted for within a stock management system, to enable buyers to plan for these changes. Not being able to do so can affect your reputation as well as providing a catalyst for customers to go elsewhere. You need to be able to meet sales demands during peak periods to keep your customers happy.

You'll be better equipped to fulfil orders

Stock control management systems will ensure you are better equipped to fulfil customer orders. Receiving a wrong item, or a late order can cause distress, especially if your customer needs the product to fulfil their business needs. Efficient warehouse management not only ensures the smooth running of stock that goes out of the warehouse but if a customer does receive an incorrect order, you'll be able to find the source of where the problem occurred.

Maximise storage space 

Improved stock control can help maximise your warehouse storage space. This is because you will be able to order the correct amount of products to meet demand, preventing over-ordering and excessive stock, which will free up valuable storage space. This space can be used for organising stock and for storing new product ranges that will enable you to expand your customer base.

Quicker response to customer orders

Customers often expect a quick turnaround from placing their order to delivery, as it has become the norm. Quick response times can lead to better customer satisfaction, but this can only be achieved when you either have the item ready in your warehouse to be dispatched or able to provide accurate lead times. Not only can stock management tools can alert you when stocks are running low, and place an order to replenish those stocks, but it can also help with warehouse optimising, where stock locations are set based on the popularity of the product, making the picking process more efficient.

Here at WinMan, we offer a fully integrated ERP management system built for distributors and manufacturers in mind. It can help businesses better manage their warehouse stock control, manufacturing processes and general operations. To find out more, then please do get in touch with us today.

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