Automated processes for better quality, productivity and efficiency

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 28 Jan


Using automated processes within your manufacturing processes can assist a business in improving their productivity levels, improving efficiency, producing better quality products, and increasing profits.

These complex systems can perform the duties of processing, assembling, handling of materials, and inspection. We have outlined several reasons below why a business should consider using automated processes into manufacturing.

Reduce costs

By automating processes, it can maintain and reduce costs. One of the ways is by reducing labour costs or the need for additional labour.

Automation can free up your workforce time, allowing you retain the current amount of specialist personnel for maintaining the processes, make sure the processes are efficient and, increase the amount of workforce capacity without the need to immediately employ more people.

The benefits of automated processes will contribute to an efficient and lean operation. This will mean more sales, fantastic quality, increases in productivity, and paints a picture of a business that is always looking to the future.

Workplace safety

The manufacturing industry is a field where there is a high level of employee risk. With several complex machines operating, there is always a potential risk to your team. Despite performing due diligence on all health and safety issues, ensuring everyone is correctly trained, there can still be room for human error when operating complex equipment in a manufacturing environment. Automated processes can assist in handling the riskier aspects of manufacturing and ensure that employee safety is the priority.

Repetitive tasks

Automated processes can take care of operations that the workforce can find repetitive, tedious, and tiring. When an employee is working on a repetitive process, the mindless nature of the task can lead to human errors or drops in quality. Automation would not tire or find a task tedious. It would perform the task with the same level of efficiency and quality from the beginning of the day to the end.

Increasing productivity

Automated processes can complete tasks quicker and more efficiently than a manual process. Automation will increase productivity levels, and, working with a manual workforce, you'll find that the production rate will skyrocket.

Better quality 

Repetitive manufacturing tasks is when automation is most beneficial for maintaining quality. As you will find that automation produces products of consistently high quality. Automation will have better quality control, producing work of the same standard.

Complete the impossible

Some key processes and operations are impossible without using automation. Graphic models, complex surfaces, produced with PLC, or Programmable Logic Controllers, or the fabrication of circuitry and numerically controlled systems. These processes are impossible, or, at the very least, are very difficult. There is a need for a high level of accuracy on a scale that cannot be achieved manually. Using the very latest in technology will mean your automated processes will complete these tasks.

Make the right choice

These are just some of the reasons why using technology guided automated processes will help you improve efficiency, increase productivity, and produce work with a fantastic level of quality control.

If a business does not use automated processes, they would quickly find themselves falling behind their competitors, who have chosen to use the very latest technology to automate.

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