6 Reasons your business should invest in an Integrated CRM solution

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 6 Mar


In the world of business, understanding and connecting with your customers on a personal level is more crucial than ever. Customers don’t want to be just another face in the crowd, they want to feel valued and recognised as individuals. This is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a great tool to support you with this. CRM is powerful and can transform the way you interact with your customers.

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are designed to assist with account management activities as well as the processing of leads and the development of sales. They allow for the analysis of recorded interactions between your customers and the business.

CRM allows businesses to not only know their customers but also tailor interactions to suit individual preferences. CRM is more than just a database, it is a strategic tool that empowers businesses to have meaningful engagement with customers, transforming each interaction from a transaction to a personalised and memorable experience.

Personalisation beyond the surface

CRM goes beyond just storing customer data, it enables businesses to delve deep into the personalisation game. From personalised calls and emails to targeted promotions/ product recommendations. CRM allows businesses to tailor their approach to each customer’s unique profile. By understanding your customers’ preferences and behaviours, you can create a more personalised engaging experience that resonates with them. If they feel like you have made an effort to personally go out of your way to learn more about them, they are more likely to engage with you.Business man pointing to transparent board with text Building Solid Relations For Lasting Success

CRM not only houses contact details but also tracks customer activities on your website, their recent purchases, previous communications, preferred payment method and shipping options. Additionally, you can add relevant documents and set reminders for important dates or personal details that can be used to enhance your interactions with customers.

By consistently delivering personalised experiences, you can foster trust and loyalty amongst your customer base. The ability to anticipate their needs and preferences gives your business a competitive edge, setting the stage for enduring customer relationships.

Here are six reasons why your company should invest in CRM:

1. Encouraging Teamwork 

Your company is made of multiple departments that work together to problem solve; however, when you are all working as individuals, important client details can slip through the net. A CRM system will provide you access to a shared library of information. A database that has been gathered collectively from you, enabling everyone to find account details to sales history all in one place. Giving you a 360-degree view of customer interactions across your business.

2. Allows for more effective communication

When you use a CRM, your team will be able to reduce response time while providing higher-quality feedback for your customers. For example, finance specific questions can be sent directly to the accounting department for more detailed responses; whereas an enquiry regarding conference dates can go to the marketing team etc. Providing effective communication internally and externally.

Once you begin implementing these CRM system practices, your customers will take notice. With faster more consistent and better communication, your customer satisfaction levels will vastly be improved and maintained.

3. Promotes efficiency and organisation

It will help maintain optimal efficiency throughout your workday. With a CRM, all your customer's information is stored in one place (in compliance with GDPR): such as their contact information, the last project they were part of and with whom they’re currently speaking with or spoken to. This makes asking and answering questions on both sides much easier, encouraging productivity.

4. Provides peace of mind 

If a team member is out of the office or away from their desk, but an urgent task needs to be completed, it will not cause an issue. The task can be completed efficiently. Since all the information is within the CRM system, other co-workers will be able to step in and help out when the task owner is unavailable, but the client requires assistance.

5. Real time event triggered offers

Another advantage of using a CRM platform is that it can help manage promotions and price lists specific to customers, For example, you can program many CRM systems to only show a special offer to a specific customer after a purchase of a particular product or set price breaks depending on order quantities. Salespeople will then be able to produce quotes and sales orders without having to add special pricing or promotions manually.

6. Save your memory

With the ability to store and retain any details entered on the record, CRM software will make it easy to refer to past information, conversations, and projects or help your team recall specific details about a certain client. All information is at hand, removing the reliance on your memory.


Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP are very common within manufacturing industries today, designed to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Combine this with an integrated CRM and you now have access to every customer interaction across your entire business including access to historical data, whether it's previous purchases, support contracts, enquiries or just colour preferences. Whoever speaks to this customer next has all the relevant information creating the opportunity for effective sales calls and an overall better customer experience.

Moreover, opting for an All-In-One solution instead of managing multiple disconnected systems will not only enhance efficiency as your business expands but also result in significant time and cost savings.


In conclusion, there are many benefits as to why a CRM is crucial to help your business develop. However, the fundamental core goal is to ensure you engage with customers effectively. The journey of understanding and connecting with customers on a personal level is essential for businesses seeking success knowing your customer is the foundation of a thriving business relationship, where appreciation and value lead to increased engagement. The personalisation capabilities of CRM extend beyond the surface, allowing businesses to make meaningful efforts to understand customers' unique profiles. By consistently delivering personalised experiences, trust and loyalty are cultivated, giving businesses a competitive edge. Laying the groundwork for enduring customer relationships.

The integration of CRM into the broader Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution amplifies its impacts across the entire business spectrum. This not only ensures efficient post-sales communications and a 360 degree view of customer interactions but also facilitates cost efficiency and scalability.

For more information about how a CRM platform can help your manufacturing or distribution company streamline your sales and account management activities contact us today.

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