How to improve internal communication with ERP Software

Posted by WinMan on 5 Apr


Improving internal communication ERPGood internal communications can make a real difference to your business. When employees understand the direction and purpose of an organisation, they can work towards the same goals - the result is a more motivated, efficient and productive workforce. Without clear and regular communication employees can become disengaged. That's why a cohesive internal communications strategy is often at the heart of a successful business. It is less about creating a big fanfare about company announcements, but more about establishing an agile, ongoing dialogue between all employees, departments and stakeholders.

However, you'll need more than just good intentions to create this dialogue. If you have multiple systems that don't interlink, it's likely that your internal communications will reflect this situation as messages may appear disconnected. This is where ERP software can change things for the better. If you’re serious about wanting to improve internal communication, it’s worth thinking about which systems you’ll need to do this. Here are four reasons how an integrated ERP solution can support your internal communication needs:

Your data is all in one place

A multifunctional ERP solution stores your data in one location, meaning that all employees can access the latest business information. When you send out a message, your staff with the right access level can seamlessly view any reports or analysis you’re referring too. This provides communication transparency and credibility, as well as reducing the chances of giving people the wrong information which can cause tension between departments.

You can understand your customers

An integrated CRM system within your ERP software tracks information about your external and internal customers. For internal customers, this will allow you to tailor and target your messages to individuals and departments, based on their preferences and job role. If you understand more about your employees’ needs in terms of information, your communications are more likely to be well-received and have the intended result.

As well as this, CRM is an enabler, it provides employees with the tools to deliver a service to external stakeholders like customers, the better the customer service they can deliver with the tools provided, the more positive your employees will feel and the more your ethos and internal messages will take off.

Everyone is included

There is no reason why some of your employees should have a better internal communications experience than others. ERP has great mobile functionalities, meaning staff on the road can be as in touch with the business objectives and news as their office-based colleagues. ERP benefits everyone because they can feel motivated by the fact that they’re part of a united organisation.

Employees are empowered to communicate

The great internal communications strategy should not just rely on members of the communications team. The best way to get people engaged is to show them that other people are taking part. The brilliant thing about an integrated solution is that employees have information at their fingertips. They can see real-time business data on interactive dashboards or catch up with the latest sales reports. Capabilities like these empower staff, giving them ownership of their projects and results, meaning that they can communicate about their successes or share opportunities effortlessly. When your employees feel like internal communication is a natural part of their working day, you’re winning.

If you want to find out how our ERP software can help improve your internal communications and operations, contact us at WinMan today.

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