Managing food quality & safety with a manufacturing execution system

Posted by Glynn Williams on 9 Mar


The major challenges that are faced by food manufacturers today are quality control, food safety and hygiene and creating a lean production process. More and more food manufacturing businesses are turning to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to improve their efficiency and development in all these areas.

What are Manufacturing Execution Systems and how could using such a solution benefit your business?

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can be used to track and document the entire food production process, from selecting and purchasing the raw materials right through to packaging the finished product for distribution. The data collected can then be fed back into the production process, enabling the business to improve operations and standardise processes, as well as providing total traceability.

Having an audit trail is extremely important if food manufacturers are to remain compliant with legislation requirements. In the event of a food-related public health scare, the ability to trace every ingredient used in your food production processes could be vital to the survival of your business.

The use of MES software can enable food manufacturers to better allocate resources and streamline operations, improve efficiency and boost the bottom line.

2022-11- Lean manufacturingData collection and use

Although MES is great for managing the manufacturing processes and production data - using a stand-alone manufacturing execution system may cause other inefficiencies, such as the need for disparate systems i.e. using an MES for production and a separate CRM for customer management can potentially cause miscommunication between departments. 

Opting for an integrated solution such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the ideal tool to address this. Having an ERP system with a range of functions, from production management to finances, stock control to supply chain management, it will allow different departments to access real-time data all within one system.

MES and ERP combined can produce a set of functionalities that provide the user with a very detailed digital view of a food manufacturing operation at a glance, in addition to having the ability to record pertinent data at every stage of the production process, from equipment maintenance and quality assurance to final production and beyond. MES software can also be used to improve recipe management, reduce product variance and bring down production costs.

In a highly competitive industry sector such as food manufacturing, every small advantage gained can help you to stay ahead of the competition. The use of MES and ERP to create a productive and efficient operation could mean the difference between success and growth and going under altogether.

WinMan ERP Software

ERP software such as WinMan is continually developed to cater to changing demands, helping you to refine production processes and make your business operation leaner and more efficient. The data gathered and presented by an integrated solution could enable your food manufacturing business to get ahead of the competition.

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