Improving manufacturing and operational processes with business software

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 16 Jun


As a business, you'll always strive to operate at optimal efficiency and productivity. One of the most effective ways to improve the operational efficiency of your business is to use the right software. Below we explore how you can improve manufacturing and operational processes with business software.


When your business operations are using one system, communication between different departments will be simplified and be more efficient. Communication is key especially in areas such as supply chain management which can ensure the delivery and production of your items is more efficient. For example, if you use ERP software, rather than manufacturing a product and then using a different system for the sales process, both processes can be united. This will improve efficiency and better lead times, as there will be minimal downtime due to the transition of data between different systems.


There is nothing worse for a business than having to reject a large order or delay delivery because their stock levels are not accurate. An intuitive business software will have automated processes that ensure your stock levels remain consistent. For example, ERP software can identify when your stock levels have decreased to insufficient levels and notify your purchasing team. This ensures you never over or understocked for the manufacturing jobs you have on order or planned and you can operate at maximum efficiency.

Customer relationships 

When a customer contacts your customer support team, how much information does your service team have readily available to them? If your team can't clearly say whether an item is in stock or how long an order will take to arrive, a customer could have a negative impression of your company. With ERP business software, your customer support team will have access to the real-time shop floor and stock data, allowing them to answer customer order queries with confidence.


In today's digital world, you may receive orders from your website, social media pages or another online platform. Your products may also be spread across multiple warehouses and use different distribution networks. Business software can help to streamline all these variables into one omnichannel, to make managing sales and orders as effortless as possible. By adapting to an omnichannel approach, you will have a clearer idea of how to manage your stock levels and supply chain to ensure you are consistently meeting your customer needs.

Business software is not a quick operational and manufacturing fix

Although ERP software offers many ways to improve the manufacturing and operational processes of a business, it should not be viewed as a quick business fix. Investing in business software also requires an investment of your time to adapt to new and automated processes and learn how to work through the processes in the most efficient way. Once you have successfully implemented and adapted to ERP software, you can benefit from its features for the long term.

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