Improve productivity and profitability with ERP software and lean thinking

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 11 Apr


Lean thinking enables businesses to grow profits while eliminating waste. The main principles centres around value, value streams, flow and push and pull perfection, as epitomised by the Toyota production system. When it comes down to it, it is about creating a lean environment that aligns customer satisfaction with employee satisfaction while reducing costs by minimising wasted time, effort and supplies. To create a lean business environment and improve profits and productivity having an enterprise resource planning software (ERP) in place makes it much easier to achieve.

About ERP Software

ERP software improves visibility for companies by organising and centralising the data that is essential to the business into one area. As a result, all company information is available for employees to access when needed to ensure jobs are carried out efficiently. A single, unified ERP software system that's available throughout the business reduces any need for departments and individuals to create their departmental spreadsheets or databases to perform tasks. Cutting out the requirement for labour-intensive and manual procedures will save time across all departments, giving greater profitability and improving the productivity of workers, wherever they happen to be based.

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Enhanced business workflows and employee performance

Business operation and processes are streamlined, giving departments the ability to work together as a cohesive unit and providing them with immediate access to all the most recent data entries and updates. As when new data is entered all corresponding entries or linked records are updated to reflect the latest information throughout the workplace - enhancing business workflows and employee performance. Work documentation and processes can all be entered into the ERP system, giving all workers the ability to access information and knowledge about different work procedures and processes, so standards are maintained.

Improved productivity

The ability to communicate with suppliers, customers and remote employees is built into ERP systems, making it far easier to keep in touch with employees that are based in other locations and for customers and suppliers to keep advised on latest order information and supply updates. Slow production cycles and inefficient materials purchasing become a thing of the past when an ERP system is in place, and production problems and failures are instantly communicated throughout the entire business environment with an efficient ERP system.

Cohesive environments

Companies with offices and manufacturing plants with multiple sites will find it's easy to add information to one system to ensure a cohesive approach to work. Every aspect of production planning becomes transparent and controlled when operations are managed with a unified system.

Pursuing a lean business policy means continually striving to eliminate waste in the work environment while focusing on a commitment to improvement across all sectors of the business. ERP and lean thinking work well together to foster and enable achievement of all business goals.

WinMan integrated ERP solution provides a business solution for manufacturers to create a leaner business environment that produces improved productivity and higher profits to stay competitive within the modern workplace. Contact us for more information.

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