How software for furniture manufacturers can improve profits

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 14 Jan


Every furniture manufacturer will be driven, by the desire to turn their imaginative designs into well-crafted furniture. However, without a handle on the cost of raw materials, and the sale value of your finished products - how would you calculate the profits?

You don't need us to tell you that the business of manufacturing furniture is a complex one. There is all type of things to consider vendor relationships, customer relationships, inventory control, production planning, back-office operations.

Given all this, you need to give your furniture manufacturing operation every competitive advantage it can get.

ERP software for furniture manufacturers is the perfect solution to your challenges. It will give you full control of your production, back-office operations, inventory, logistics and more.

Here are 5 ways ERP software for furniture manufacturers will improve your bottom line: 

Increases visibility across your business 

Between your spreadsheets, your notes and other bits and pieces, you have lots of information at your fingertips. But can you make any sense of it?

An ERP system provides you with access to data from all parts of your business. Dashboards make it easy to summarise your data, analyse trends, and respond to opportunities and threats. Your lean furniture manufacturing business is in a better position to cut costs and plan for future growth.

Improves your production processes

As discussed above, ERP software provides you with visibility across your entire business. Whether products are, made to stock, bespoke, or both, you'll have full control over your production processes - from the sales, Bill of Materials, to work orders to demand forecasting and more.

You can also track every step of the manufacturing process with full traceability as, components booked into the system will be tracked at every stage, giving you an oversight of the stocks available.

Gives you control of your inventory 

Inventory control is another critical component of your furniture manufacturing business, as you'll need visibility over your raw materials and outgoing inventory. With information on stock quantities, locations and other, you can make quick decisions to balance service and stock levels. And with integration with your eCommerce platform, you can be pinpoint accurate about turnaround times.

Better control your supply chain 

As a furniture manufacturer, you source materials from multiple suppliers in search of the best quotes. Your purchasing decisions affect stock availability and material costs.

ERP software for furniture manufacturers provides the tools for handling multiple warehouses, vendors, and locations, calculating landed cost, managing multi-currencies, forecasting and more. All from a single system.

Integrate your sales and order management

Finally, ERP software will enable you to take control of the entire sales process, from lead to fulfilling the order. With all your sales, order and customer (CRM) information in one system, you significantly improve communication, productivity, customer satisfaction and sales.

There are also significant benefits in integrating your eCommerce platform with your ERP systems to automate the transfer of sales information.

Key takeaway 

Furniture manufacturing is a complex operation, with many moving parts. Increasing visibility across your entire furniture manufacturing operations can bring significant cost savings and productivity increases. It improves communication, flexibility and adaptability. Ultimately this creates a leaner furniture manufacturing business, able to adapt rapidly to the changing demands of the market.

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