How ERP software could revolutionise your supply chain management

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 17 Jul


Businesses across the world can be connected and communicated with ease. Development in technology has enabled and made international trading easier for many businesses, with supply chains now spread across the world. With this increasing complexity, it is more critical than ever to be aware of potential issues or bottlenecks in your supply chain so you can proactively solve problems and consistently deliver on your business goals, making good supply chain management integral. 

Why supply chain management should be a crucial part of your strategy:

Massive boosts to efficiency, dramatic cuts to costs

An effective grasp of where your business is, how orders are progressing, and at what stage in the process they are, allows you to dynamically adjust to changes in the business cycle, to stay ahead of trends, and ultimately, move toward proactively solving problems rather than simply reacting to them. This drive towards efficiency brings with it another benefit: improved control over your levels of inventory, the ability to freely adjust and use storage space better, and the resulting improved relationship with both customers and suppliers leads to drastically reducing your costs across a number of fronts.

Output growth and increased profits

Communication with both vendors and distributors allows you the opportunity to maximise your effectiveness, shifting more product and reaching the end customer far quicker. This improvement in coordination is massively conducive to a collaborative, productive environment, leaving the way clear to boost your output levels. With that increased communication and output, a better handle on your supply chain gives you the opportunity for much-improved margins, and therefore vastly increased profits.

The potential benefits are enormous. But, how best to gain control of your supply chain? The answer could be by using the very latest in 'Enterprise Resource Planning' (ERP) software.

How using an ERP could transform your supply chain - and your business:

A growing number of businesses all over the world are starting to recognise that when it comes to managing business information, integrating various systems, collating data and processes, and ensuring optimal operations, utilising ERP is an incredibly cost-effective, powerful solution.

ERPs often have in-built, out of the box supply chain functionality: this could include the selection of various marketing channels, managing promotions, figuring out the correct quantities of stock, inventory control and ensuring supply keeps up with demand. ERP systems offer a much simpler, more flexible way to manage supply chains than traditional methods. One of the most impressive and valuable features is the ability to monitor, track and even alter supply chain movements in real-time. This kind of visibility is vital for ensuring your business can maintain the dynamism and flexibility necessary to compete in a crowded marketplace.

Another advantage of integrated ERP software is the ability to compare actual performance against projections, goals and targets. That kind of analysis can be all but impossible for businesses relying on multiple, isolated systems rather than seamless, integrated ones. The superior ability to aggregate, sort through and organise information is essential in identifying potential problems and acting quickly to rectify them.

There's a saying in the world of supply chain and operations management: "What gets measured, gets managed." WinMan is widely recognised in the field of ERP software, combining the latest developments in technology with subject matter expertise. Find out today how a seamless, integrated ERP system could transform your business.

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