Can you review your processes and avoid additional costs?

Posted by WinMan on 3 Aug


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is software used for various day-to-day business activities including management of accounting, procurement, and supply chain operations. Systems like this present many benefits for small and medium-sized (SME) businesses. If your SME is considering ways to save on the costs of running your business, the implementation of ERP solutions could lead to improved processes and help your business to save money. Read on as we discuss whether an ERP system can help you to review your processes and streamline costs.

What are the benefits of using an ERP system?

ERP systems allow you to update a range of processes, automate business tasks, and better manage inventory. This leads to more efficient ways of working, which is particularly valuable for small businesses with limited or stretched resources.

For example, an organisation might need to track inventory and perform quality assurance and traceability tests in order to be compliant with various regulations. An ERP software system is able to streamline these processes and make them much more efficient, when compared to doing them manually. This can result in higher profits as an output of optimisation. ERP solutions are capable of carrying out tasks more quickly and with fewer errors.

ERP systems can help to drive your business improvement programmes, also saving time and money by enhancing your operations. As a result, you will notice many benefits, one of which may be a reduction of errors caused by data entry or calculations and helps you win back time that may be taken up to put corrections or changes in place.

Decision making processes critical to avoiding unnecessary costs

Implementing an ERP system has costs associated with it. The cost of implementing the system can certainly be a significant factor for SMEs. To help keep the costs as low as possible, it is important to evaluate how well your business will fit with the system and what exactly you are looking for in terms of services that it can provide.

Some considerations that must be made before deciding which ERP software and systems are best for you include, whether or not the organisation has a need for specific functions such as purchasing or manufacturing control functionality, what your requirements for inventory control are, and whether you need quality assurance or traceability systems in place. These functions are likely to be important for manufacturing-heavy operations. For companies that do not have extensive needs, it is possible to use out of the box products, which will reduce the cost of implementation and may simply offer a digitalised upgrade to the current systems in place.

A sensible approach to ERP selection is to conduct a thorough business review of all processes. A process that the team at WinMan can help to guide you through. Consider identifying whether every process is essential and whether any of them can be carried out in a different way – as this approach might present some immediate solutions. Clear and effective communication with your shortlisted solutions providers should make it easier for you to identify the most appropriate functionality to match your business needs.

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