6 benefits of investing in a Warehouse Software

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 12 May


More and more companies are investing in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) because they can help gain competitive advantage and create a lean warehouse environment. Warehouse solutions can come in a standalone form or part of an integrated ERP solution; both options can assist in maintaining quality customer service levels and customer retention. Here are some of the potential benefits of investing in a comprehensive warehouse software.

Improved efficiency

An intuitive WMS can suggest which pick, pack and put-away strategies or processes that are most suited to the workload. The platform will look at different variables such as labour availability, item locations, stock quantities, item weight, volume, carrier and geography, and suggest the most efficient picking instruction. It is also a good way to improve warehouse capacity because it can optimise the speed in which goods moves through the warehouse.

Minimising expenditure

A balance between supply and demand requires inventory to be stored in an appropriate environment, ordered at the right time and picked and dispatched in the optimum order. An effective warehouse solution will facilitate this at the same time as reducing that trio of expenses, waste, scrap and help avoid excessive stock levels. Advance warnings of stock issues can be issued through real-time reporting, it will also facilitate process improvements in areas that might not have been previously highlighted.

Inventory accuracy

Inventory accuracy is vital to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The keys to an accurate and up to date inventory are stock level monitoring and the appropriate placement of orders. Both of these can be more ably managed within a WMS than without one. The data can also be used to predict future demand or draw attention to changes in sales demand.

Maximised facility potential

As your business grows it is tempting to take on additional and more costly warehouse facilities without a detailed analysis. To make a more informed decision analyse the data within your WMS as it can negate the necessity of this by maximising the use of existing facilities. It can help assist with improvement such as automating key processes like stock rotation, assist purchasing decisions based on the speed of inventory turnover and make recommendations on put-away strategies and storage areas; which will result in improved capacity and organisation of the warehouse.

Building relationships with stakeholders

Both customers and suppliers will benefit from a WMS. Having all inventory data readily available you will be able to dispatch goods efficiently, reduce inaccuracies and improve customer service.  Supplier relationships can be built and managed because having a system in place will enhance communications, increase inventory traceability and assist in the purchasing process.

Labour productivity

Staffing is one of the biggest business costs, the benefit of warehouse management software in the staffing arena in different ways. A good WMS will improve productivity by rationalising day-to-day operations and optimising productivity to meet demands. When there are seasonal peaks in demands, it can manage workloads based on capacity and resources, removing the need to recruit temporary staff. With the right technology in place to assist with processes, it can also help minimise employees stress and ensure higher staff morale.

The are many advantages of investing in an ERP solution with a built-in warehouse management function as it will ensure timely and accurate deliveries to customers, optimise warehouse processes and interlink with other areas of your business. To find out more about WinMan ERP software contact us today.

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