Utilising manufacturing traceability software for better efficiencies

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 6 May


Businesses are driven by making profits and growth. One way to boost revenue is to make the manufacturing process more efficient, cost-effective and streamlined.

Here's a rundown of how using manufacturing traceability software such as ERP can help make your business run more efficiently:

Improves manufacturing schedules through more accurate inventory levels

Inventory control and management is an essential facet of the manufacturing process. Investment into a reliable track and trace system such as manufacturing ERP software allows real-time access to your inventory levels, current production projects, product tracking and sales demand, which can streamline your production process. Ultimately, this can generate increased reliability in production, higher sales levels and better profits.

Increases manufacturing efficiency and allocates resources correctly

A flexible and comprehensive ERP software that supports multi-site/multi-company support and lean accounting, alongside effective production planning, can help streamline the entire process, preventing discrepancies and increasing cost-effectiveness and productivity.

Boosts performance, productivity, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Maximising your company's OEE is one of the ultimate aims to improve your profit margin and cut back on losses to downtime and breakdowns. Choosing the right software for your needs is extremely important when you want to maximise your business' OEE. ERP can provide enhanced accessibility, especially if it is an integrated solution and can help ensure business efficiency and productivity.

Allows your company to meet deadlines and maximise order accuracy 

It is difficult to achieve optimal efficiency manually, but using ERP software is an excellent way to facilitate this objective. Utilising traceability software within the manufacturing process will improve the amount of quality data available to users. Subsequently, this will allow for a sleeker system where the goal of delivering the highest quality of products, even according to tight deadlines, is regularly surpassed. Gaining a steady foothold and building your company's reputation within your industry as a lean and sustainable manufacturer is a bonus.

Reduces waste and scrap to ensure profits are maximised

It is even more important for industries such as food and pharmaceuticals that use perishable inventories such as raw ingredients to minimise production waste. By identifying timelines, expiry dates, price points and specific customer requests can help maximise profits. ERP software can track and streamline these processes to eliminate wasteful steps which can hinder your manufacturing efficiency.

Reduces risks created by product recalls 

The overall impact of product recalls can be detrimental to your business' revenue and reputation. It can be particularly poignant within such industries as children's toys and in the food manufacturing process. It is also important in the case of necessity for product recalls. When food is deemed unfit for consumption after being distributed to wholesalers and retails, consumer safety can be at risk. Having the ability to trace the entire life-cycle of the product, from its raw materials stage to delivery, can facilitate recall reducing potential harm to consumers and minimising legal risk.

Choosing the right way to maximise the efficiency of your manufacturing process is crucial for your overall revenue. ERP solutions can be a fundamental tool in giving manufacturers a more streamlined system and ultimately succeeding in boosting efficiency.

If you're looking for manufacturing traceability ERP software you can rely on, contact our team at WinMan today.

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