Useful ERP software features for Food Distribution

Posted by Glynn Williams on 9 May


ERP software is an essential tool for organisations who manufacture, stock or distribute goods. Companies can use it to get on top of stock management to optimise processes and ensure the items being distributed can be easily located, and minimise the chance of running out of popular items. It can also help run day-to-day procedures more efficiently, making the best use of the time of managers and their staff.

Due to perishability food distributors need to sell goods in a timely fashion. There are also many compliance issues that can be helped by the power of an ERP system. The following is a list of ERP software features that can be helpful for food distributors.

Stock management

One of the most important factors for business growth is managing customer demand. Distributors' needs to be agile and adaptable, with the ability to source new product lines quickly while maintaining current ones. It is also important to have insight into delivery times, whilst promoting stocked products and understanding the margins involved.

With an ERP system in place, you will have comprehensive tools for procurement, inventory and fulfilment. This will include planning for demand, managing the supply chain, the purchasing process and the management of suppliers all in one tidy package.

Customer Resource Management (CRM)

An ERP system is great for managing and tracking orders, but most modern ones will also have a CRM system built into them. A CRM system makes it easier to interface data with other applications. Having the ability to share critical customer data with other data and resource management applications results in smoother operations and keeps customer complaints to a minimum.

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Lot number and serial number tracking

Food distributors deal with complex and strict food traceability standards from suppliers, retailers and national regulators. What's more, most consumers hold distributors to account when there are food safety issues and product recalls. A good ERP system includes functionality for lot number and serial number tracking, where a product can be tracked throughout the supply chain process. This, in turn, can be used for reporting on inventory and accounting when necessary; areas where accuracy is paramount.

Expiry data management

It is vital that food distributors are supplying products that are fit to be eaten by consumers. This means it is critical that distributors are always aware of the use by, sell by and best before dates of every product they supply. An ERP system can easily define this data, as can information regarding a product's shelf life, so perishable goods will always reach retailers and their customers well before the time when they are no longer fit for consumption.

When shopping around for the right ERP system for your business, you want to find one that is up-to-date, offers a comprehensive service that will meet all your needs, and provides ongoing technical support.

WinMan ERP is a scalable ERP solution with ownership costs that won't break your budget. Its root system makes it configurable for a range of industries, and the food distribution industry is a strong candidate for the service. At WinMan ERP, we strive to help businesses streamline existing processes and improve overall productivity with as little disruption as possible during the integration process. Please feel free to get in touch today, and we will discuss with you how we can meet your needs.

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