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Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 18 Mar


Production in a factory has come a long way since the days of traditional manufacturing. Guesswork was inherent in the process. The factory owner would produce a set number of products, perhaps estimating any extras in case the supply increased. Even with today’s more advanced production management, the planning and organising of the production process can still have a margin of error. There is a capacity for the processes to be slowed by human error, or perhaps ability. This is where production management with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software comes in to play, revolutionising the whole process and vastly reducing the main problems associated with production.

A lean strategy

A lean strategy is crucial for efficient production management, with ERP technology at the forefront of this drive. This strategy can ensure higher product quality, reduce waste, keep operating costs low and vastly improve decision making.

Choosing the right technology, and deciding which tool is right for a business, can be a difficult decision. As can the concern over potential cost. A market-leading provider of ERP software, WinMan, goes a long way to overcoming these barriers. With a broad range of business areas covered, the real benefit is its scalability and low cost of ownership.

Can ERP technology improve our production management? 

Not only can ERP technology improve production, but it can also transform the whole process. ERP addresses the main problems that occur in the production process, as it tracks your stock through the whole cycle. With this level of scrutiny and detail, each stage of the process can be optimised. So, what are the main benefits of ERP technology?

1. Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a hugely complicated environment. The need to create a lean environment, and automated systems, has never been greater. ERP technology allows automation of individual steps, which ordinarily would require huge amounts of time to complete.

2. Efficient management of resources

With all this data available, the ERP system can take the guesswork out of the manufacturing process. Ordering the resources needed to build a product can be done more accurately and timely manner, leading to less waste and financial cost.

3. Planning and scheduling

To improve efficiency, a manager needs information on supply and demand, data that ERP technology can provide. A manager can plan for any demand fluctuations with greater accuracy.

4. Capacity planning

Capacity planning can have a huge impact on reducing any ‘bottlenecks’ in the production process. ERP technology can alert a manager’s attention to too much stock, unusually high demand from customers, or a slow production process.

5. Sales and profit

With your product carefully tracked through the whole production cycle, highly accurate data on the cost of sales and profits are available when you need them.

6. Efficient workings, right to the shop floor

We are a market-leading provider of ERP software and have created an application called WinMan Go. Operators can open this application on a handheld device, or fixed kiosk, and access crucial shop-floor information. Information can be fed back into the manufacturing cycle, meaning further accuracy.

Find out how WinMan’s leading ERP system can help transform your production management.

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