Improving production management for increased output and profit

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 10 Oct


Production management in your business could be the difference between success and failure since it directly affects output and subsequently, profit. Achieving the most efficient level and applying the most effective techniques in production management can help you remain competitive.

The availability of ERP software for lean production has made it possible to make important changes to these processes. Here are some of the small changes to production processes that can make a huge difference in your output and profits:

Efficiency through automation

Simple automation of production processes can help in improving output and profit. Something as simple as the automation of informing the production team of the firm orders or inventory stock can all help streamline the business.

ERP platforms provide businesses with a tool to help automate or simplify either repetitive or complex processes. Investing in automation will streamline operations, offer more cost-effective production solutions, and save time. Therefore, it creates additional available capacity which can be reinvested in more urgent or additional production processes.

Improving inventory management

An optimal, effective, and efficient inventory management is the nerve centre of production. Streamlining inventory management is critical in production processes as it keeps track of all vital activities such as ordering and transit. Using ERP for stock control will prevent imbalances such as overstocking and understocking; additionally, it reduces the risk of human errors that may occur when using manual spreadsheets.

Clear and realistic goals

Clarification of production goals and expectations is important for enhancing focus and accuracy. Most ERP software will have the capability to set clear production goals based on vital information relating to customer demands and inventory. Historical sales volume over some time could then be used to forecast demand and production goals. Changes in market demands and preferences can also be determined for corrective actions.

Cross-functional teams

Collaboration and cooperation among employees, teams and departments is an important consideration when looking at improving production processes. A lean team is more effective in terms of coordination and timely completion of tasks. Integrated software can stimulate collaboration through the sharing of vital information required for production. Cross-functional teams also encourage sharing and improvement of expertise needed for increasing and improving efficiency.

Management of human resources 

Effective management of employees and human resource availability is vital in production processes, especially when specialist skills are required. ERP software can be used to schedule and manage activities assigned to human resources, to help ensure a lean workforce that saves time and is focused on efficient production.

Reduction of operation costs

Reducing the cost of production in your business will certainly increase your net profit. A boost in revenue generation, in turn, provides the company with the financial capacity to expand production. Using ERP technologies have been known to have a long-lasting effect in reducing production costs. Different benefits of ERP software such as elimination of errors, saving of time, lean production, and inventory management have the overall effect of saving on costs while boosting profits.

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