The value of improving your supply chain operations

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 12 Nov


Supply chains are becoming more complex, making management and optimisation a necessity. Supply chain optimisation is a costly investment, but you are guaranteed to get value for your money. Whether it is investing in quality ERP software or training your employees, the bottom line is that your business will benefit from all your efforts. Here is a closer look at some of the benefits of improving your supply chain management.

Higher efficiency rate 

Implementing supply chain management systems allows you to access real-time data on sales, logistics, etc. It improves your company’s preparedness for issues such as manufacturing delays and unavailability of raw materials, giving you enough time to initiate your backup plan. Automating certain operations also helps increase efficiency by reducing human error.

Keeping up with the demand

Optimising your supply chain management promotes better communication between you, your employees, your suppliers and your customers. Having accurate and updated information allows you to predict and respond to any changes. For example, if there is an increase in sales, you will be able to order additional raw materials and increase your production capacity.

Better quality control 

Tools such as ERP software provide total visibility on all business operations, giving you more control over your suppliers. You can vet their performance on criteria such as timely delivery, quality of products, and the ability to resolve complaints. Any supplier that does not meet your standards can be cut off and replaced. Doing this puts pressure on your suppliers and in turn, their suppliers, to deliver quality products.

Improved risk mitigation 

Regularly analysing supply chain data reveals potential threats and risks, giving you a chance to design a backup plan. You can take proactive action rather than react to the disruptions as they happen. For example, you can stock more products if there is a chance of delays or shortages, therefore maintaining your ability to keep up with demand at all times.

Better communication 

Proper communication is extremely important in business. Improving your supply chain operation makes communication between all stakeholders so much easier. When everyone is kept in the loop of what is going in the company, operations run smoothly, and this will give increases in productivity and efficiency.

Attract more investors and creditors

For anyone to invest their hard-earned money into your company, you have to assure them that you are running an organised house. Investors and creditors look at your supply chain management as they assess your company’s risk profile and CSR activities. Therefore, one of the ways to attract investors is by optimising your supply chain operations.

Reduced overhead costs 

Increased efficiency, better quality control, and improved communication ultimately reduce overhead costs. Automating operations reduces labour costs while quality control reduces waste and helps you get more competitive prices. Better communication between you and your employees also allows you to identify unnecessary expenses, which can be reviewed and dealt with accordingly.

Increases your profit level

All of the benefits discussed above help your company increase its profits in one way or another. Ultimately, the goal of improving supply chain operations is to increase profits and accelerate the growth of your company. Supply chain optimisation reduces input, increases output and improves your customer service, all of which contribute to business growth.

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