The benefits of an integrated project management solution

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 15 Mar


Project management is essential when it comes to delivering products or services of value to customers. It helps you coordinate people and processes when working on a range of activities that will bring together a complex project.

More and more businesses are embracing digital transformation to boost their operational efficiency and improve their growth rates. Digital transformation has paved the way for integrated project management tools that are integrated within ERP software to help you gather information and insights aligned to your business management tools to drive results.
Whether you work in process manufacturing, food manufacturing, or any other manufacturing sector, you can benefit from an integrated management solution that helps you manage a project from the beginning to the end via one tool. Here are five benefits of integrating your project management solution. 

1. Increased customer planning

Customer satisfaction helps improve retention rates and increases customer loyalty. Integrated project management solutions provide you with a space to store customer information and conduct customer planning activities. Some of these activities include product proposals, market releases, quotes, and more. All employees will have access to a shared database where they can access past records – helping them respond quickly to customer queries or gain insights. 

2. Continuous tracking 

By having your project management system integrated into your ERP, you’re allowing for smooth data flow from all areas of your business. These systems provide up-to-date information on resource usage and whether or not a project is on target to finish on time. You can input daily time registrations that feed into reporting mechanisms allowing the system to propose resource requirements directly linked to your project timelines. Integrated project management tools can give you access to constraint forecasts for costs, schedules, and scope before they become an issue. 

3. Scheduling and resource allocation capabilities                                                 

Project management systems keep you updated on what materials are being used and what materials you need. This information encourages greater work productivity as your technicians, and managers alike can spot resource bottlenecks before they have a negative impact. Integrated means automation can be set up to aid project planning and scheduling, making it easier to allocate resources, identify key deliverables, and set out realistic milestones. You can then use the continuous tracking tool to check progress against your baseline plans.

4. Increased communication and collaboration

Create a hub for your internal team to log and exchange comments, concerns, advice, documents, specifications, and files. Opening up the channels of communication means quicker decisions with regard to timelines, dependencies, outstanding workloads, and any other task requirements can be made together. A project management tool also provides greater visibility on the stages of a project and its current status. This can support your team in organising their own priorities or workload based on what the project requires. Increased communication and collaboration can promote transparency in the workplace and lead to a faster pace and speedier delivery of services. 

5. Real-time budget management                                                                                

With fully integrated tools, you can guarantee that you finish a project on time and within the budgets provided. You can monitor budgets at any stage throughout the project, from the initial statement of work to deployment. Offering you access to real-time information on finance metrics – helping you to identify how your actual spending compares to your planned or forecasted spending and reallocation of funds. This means you can identify where you could optimise spending to avoid financial drain. 
Project management as part of your manufacturing ERP software is essential for end-to-end management, greater predictability, production planning, and ultimately profitability.  

Make project management part of your integrated digital transformation with WinMan ERP via an on-premise or cloud-based software solution – discover if we’re a match.  

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