How to improve the efficiency of your production planning and control

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 24 Mar


In the competitive arena of modern manufacturing, effective production planning and control of all processes is critical. Any operation that is functioning at low efficiency can soon find that congestion issues can negatively impact production and workflow leading to an inability to fulfil orders.

The following are six key steps companies can take to improve their planning and control in their manufacturing operations.

Testing and defining workflow 

Before making any alterations to your manufacturing workflow, it’s important to analyse your processes scientifically and weigh the results. Create a hypothesis before testing any changes, so you can conclude from your findings by comparing them against your original assumptions. This approach can give you a clearer perspective on what alterations will be most-effective to pursue.

Establish a strategy for ordering materials

Ensure all raw materials required for production are readily available, so your production process isn't negatively impacted at a later date. To do this, you must be able to forecast future needs when you place orders. One method of answering this issue is to make blanket orders that always include your most commonly used materials and those that require longer lead times.

Spot potential bottlenecks 

Operations can also be improved by analysing processes and identifying the causes of congestion. After identifying possible bottlenecks, you can develop mitigating tactics to keep production on track.

Implement regular personnel training 

Manufacturing operations require all staff to be operating efficiently for productivity is to be maintained. The effectiveness and efficiency of your frontline workforce can have an impact on operational processes and product quality. Therefore it is important to invest in their training and ongoing development. Dedicated training management software can sometimes provide useful support for firms looking to implement such programmes.

Improving production efficiencies via automation 

As mentioned earlier, manufacturing is an exceptionally competitive sector where any potential advantage gains should be taken. While the people on your production line may provide the heart of your operation, to ensure it runs at optimum capacity, the use of automated systems in the factories is critical to remain resilient.

Keep your company data safe and under your control 

For your manufacturing operation to run efficiently, you must have constant access to the most up-to-date data available. To remain compliant and ensure your data is safe, it is critical to have a comprehensive security solution in place. Data held on customers, clients, suppliers and staff, must always be protected.

The production data you use and retain must also be accessible by those with correct authorisation and easily viewed upon request. Without an overview of inventory, production schedules, order quantities and logistics arrangements, it is next to impossible for any manufacturing operation to make informed decisions for a positive impact.

A comprehensive ERP solution for your firm

An MRP or ERP system can be a suitable solution that will allow your company to achieve these aims and operate more effectively. Offering total inventory control, enhanced data security, integrated and automated working, streamlining processes and ensuring more accurate decision making, these state-of-the-art systems can assist firms to have a greater grip on their entire operation, ensuring optimal efficiency. With experience in providing ERP solutions to meet manufacturing and distribution requirements, you can rely on WinMan for strong support.

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