The benefits of a WMS system for your stock control

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 12 Mar


Controlling and administering warehouse operations without the use of paper, from the moment goods enters the warehouse until the item is booked out or used can be possible by using a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Here are the benefits of having a WMS system.

Stock control

Warehouse management software provides real-time inventory information and visibility because it will track each item using barcodes and serial numbers. Tracking items from the moment it enters the warehouse, to the moment it leaves. The control of stock is particularly important for those who have perishable items, as poor management of expiry dates can lead to waste and losses. Accurate stock information will also allow buyers to order required stocks on time and avoid having excessive stock levels.

Easier billing

With most WMS, for billing management are either built-in or integrated with third-party software. All activities concerning goods sold, tracking what is on order from suppliers and customers and monitoring of the flow of funds can be monitored with WMS.

Improved relationship with suppliers and buyers

Proper management of funds creates good relationships between you, the suppliers, and customers. This is because you’ll have time to prepare for the receipt of goods and, in turn, optimising the supply and demand management. Enough preparation to receive goods means a reduction in the inefficiencies waiting for the current stock to clear. Therefore, it means that customers will have a more accurate lead time and shorter wait times for their goods to be delivered.

Increased profit

All businesses aim at getting maximum profit and this is possible with the right WMS system. It can minimise the inefficiencies by organising where to store certain goods depending on the popularity, optimise the flow of your goods and actively monitor supply and demand to ensure you have the right level of labour availability for quiet or busy periods.

Saving on labour

Labour savings does not necessarily mean reducing staff. The system provides Managers visibility of availability of resources and control over resource allocation. It can be used reallocation of labour to where they are at needed at peak times, rather than having to employ more staff. Some system can also allow you to allocate the employees different jobs according to their qualifications, thus cutting unnecessary costs on labour.

Increased employee morale

There is nothing better than doing something you’re passionate about. With the perfect flow of activities in the warehouse, employees are time-saving and motivated to work, and in turn, increase productivity means more profit gained and the ability to take on more.

Increased security

A WMS will hold stock information within the system and provide tracking of goods. Employees would need to log in into their user account to book in and out, which would help avoid losing track of items. Additionally, different users have different access levels, and therefore not anyone can access reports and analysis.

Software updates

Like any other computerised system, software updates and the addition of new features are the primaries in a WMS. These updates ensure you keep up with the latest trends in the industry and thus improve on the functionality of your warehouse.

Warehouse management software can be a standalone system as well as being part of an integrated ERP software. Contact us to find out more about WinMan ERP warehouse function today. 

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