The advantages of using a warehouse management system

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 8 Mar


An effective warehouse management system (WMS) offers more than just data to those who know how to take advantage of it. It is an effective means of catering to the business warehousing needs, it can increase transparency across the supply chain, provide accurate data to improving the collaboration amongst all members of your team - making a more productive and thus profitable business.

Here are just a few of the benefits of installing a WMS system...

Increased inventory accuracy

One of the most important functions and benefits of a Warehouse Management System is to improve stock control and inventory tracking. You'll be able to provide your clients with the goods they want when they want them or at least keep them up-to-date with accurate stock information. In turn, it will help improve customer satisfaction levels but also remove the potential operating costs incurred due to errors - creating greater overall efficiency, cost reductions and improved profits.  

Effective management control

We must not overlook the improvement in management control that often accompanies the installation of a WMS. Offering advance warnings of stock control issues and process events can be created to generate purchase orders once inventory hits a specified level - such technology can reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes, having excessive stock or not enough stock, help to improve profitability and make your entire enterprise more efficient and productive. But most importantly, it allows buyers or senior managers to make informed decisions based on the accurate data generated.

Reduced staffing levels

The more members of your team that you have on the job, the higher your overheads will inevitably be, so efficiency in this area is essential to increasing productivity. With an effective WMS system this is easily achievable it can either help you optimise processes so there is no need for additional staff, allow you to reduce staff levels during normal operational conditions or it can make the need to hire temporary staff during in-demand seasonal peaks redundant by improving your organisational abilities and how you manage resources.

Reduced equipment usage and related overheads

The ability to reduce your workforce will typically enable you to use less equipment in the running of your warehouse. You’ll need less of everything, for fewer people will be present to use your machinery and technology. This can amount to some significant savings, not just in the sense of reducing the need for replacement equipment in the future, but also in helping to minimise annual maintenance budgets as a result of less wear and tear on your equipment.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a Warehouse Management System could benefit your business, why not contact WinMan today? Offering an integrated ERP solution that can help you link your stock management activities with the rest of your business.

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