Simplifying formula management with batch manufacturing software

Posted by Glynn Williams on 4 Dec


Batch production involves manufacturers creating a group of components at their workstation or completing a specific stage before moving on to the next production level. This can help manufacturers reduce the initial capital as multiple products can be produced from a single production line. But for this to occur quality batch management software is needed.

As a chemical, cosmetics or pharmaceutical manufacturer, your research and development department will always have numerous formulation variations. For this reason, you’ll need an effective solution that combines production processes and R&D formulations to one unified system.

With such a solution, R&D will be able to search through and choose from the available list of formulas to address certain needs as it enhances formula traceability. The department will also be able to create new and diverse versions from the existing formulations.

Formula management becomes easy to manage because all your data is centralised. Ultimately, you’re able to streamline your processes from initial research to production effortlessly.

How batch manufacturing software can simplify formula management

Batch management software has built-in features and tools that can help you handle formula management and development in a professional and organised manner.

It equips you with what you need to easily take care of quality control and audits, batch control and tracking, compliance documentation, production scheduling and batch yield analysis. It also simplifies formula management by organising manufacturing and operational data.

A common challenge in the industry is data management and disparate systems. With batch manufacturing software that has a variety of built-in functions, data collection can be centralised. In doing so, you’ll be able to navigate more efficiently and manipulate data from one access point.

An integrated solution can also manage raw materials and inventory. While the cost of materials is not in buyers’ hands in most instances; it can help you to not only manage but also prepare for fluctuations in the cost of raw materials. You can adjust raw material costs in the system and then account for it over time to see how it affects profitability. Being able to budget for increasingly costly raw materials accordingly, helps you control the manner in which the costs impact your bottom-line. What’s more is that you can utilise the system’s historical data to forecast long-term demand.

Generally, batch management software enables you to enhance operational effectiveness by streamlining the following:

  • Management of variances especially in the lower sales/cost items.
  • Plant maintenance, both preventive and scheduled.
  • Fixed and variable recoveries.
  • Capacity utilisation and scheduling.
  • Change control and product configuration.
  • Purchasing and/or storage of components and raw materials.
  • Inventory optimization and forecasting.

Batch manufacturing operations like the ones employed by manufacturers of beauty products and chemical processing plants are becoming complex by the day. Increasing globalisation calls for a faster response to demand, making it important to speed up your time to market.

ERP software such as WinMan has built-in batch manufacturing functionality, offering you the agility and flexibility you need to compete in the market. Companies that produce seasonal items will have an easy time using batch management software as they can produce trial products. In the long run, the software enhances profit margins for the company.

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