Meeting cosmetics industry challenges with Batch Manufacturing software

Posted by Glynn Williams on 5 Sep


In the cosmetics industry, a finely-tuned supply chain can be a thing of beauty. But with increasing pressures on the industry on sustainability and transparency, there are more and more things that could go wrong. For example inefficiencies in the manufacturing or supply chain processes can have a knock-on effect on consumer brand perceptions.

The challenges in a cosmetics manufacturing environment can crop up at any time. Spoiling due to inadequate storage can cause serious problems and is just one of many issues that can arise. Here are 5 key challenges for the cosmetics industry, and how they can be overcome them by using batch manufacturing software:

1. Inventory control as trends dictate demand

Finding an equilibrium between too much or not enough inventory is difficult, and consumer tastes can change rapidly within the industry. So, there is little room for manoeuvre in terms of delays and disruptions, as this could cause you to lose out to the competition.

An integrated batch manufacturing software should include inventory control. It will provide real-time inventory information as well as production data more efficiently. It will allocate stock or raw ingredients to orders once they are confirmed and flag any potential issues such as supply not matching demand or inventory will not arrive until a later date.

2. Tracking the diverse destinations

Beauty products will span the full spectrum of destinations. Whether a company is selling beauty products to individuals as single items or retailers in batch orders - manufacturers need to be on top of the storing and sending processes, even if unexpected orders arrive.

Batch manufacturing or ERP software gives 'cradle-to-grave' full traceability, enabling the tracking of everything and isolate any potential issues of bad batches. This improves both your ability to serve your customers effectively and assert quality control and safety with all products.

3. MRP to meet the specific requirements for materials

Many products in cosmetics have special handling and storage requirements, including temperature, and failure to meet them can result in waste. A good manufacturing system will have material requirement planning (MRP) features that can help optimise production schedules based on the materials involved, and their specific handling requirements. You can increase profitability with forecasting, bills of materials, open orders, inventory status and the implementation of cosmetics good manufacturing practices.

4. Transparency to meet sustainability demands

Consolidating and using one software can offer complete transparency of your ingredient supply chains. There are sustainable sources of all ingredients for the cosmetics industry, and you will increase trust in your brand by demonstrating your commitment to adopting sustainable processes and meeting regulations. The tracking powers of ERP software can empower you to do this.

5. Collating data from multiple sources

Some cosmetics manufacturer uses multiple applications in its manufacturing and supply chain processes. But with Batch Manufacturing ERP, you will only need to rely on a single system for all your data and analytics. Time will be saved as you no longer need to collate spreadsheets, batch tickets, accounts, orders and other sources to understand where you stand when all is said and done.

Batch manufacturing ERP solutions provide efficiency and greater accuracy, and the complexity of the cosmetics industry makes it perfect for the implementation of a comprehensive system.

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