Secrets to making ERP systems work for your business

Posted by Tiffany Leung on 26 Oct


There are many benefits to using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, but not all businesses realise the full potential and the many hidden ways it can work for them. 

In this article, we will discuss three secrets to making ERP business systems work for your manufacturing business.

Choose an ERP system that is fully integrated

The importance of using an integrated ERP system cannot be underestimated. It will facilitate the linking of processes to ensure different departments are communicating with each other efficiently and with ease.

ERP is advantageous for manufacturers, because irrespective of whether the business is big or small, manufacturing involves many processes. A unified system will allow the efficient transfer of information from one aspect of the business to another and for activities to be carried out more seamlessly.

A good manufacturing ERP software will help manage the manufacturing process from start to finish, from customer orders, stock levels, production schedules to quality control.

Choose a manufacturing ERP that is suited to your business needs

Procure an ERP solution that will help resolve your critical challenges and is suitable for your business. Choosing one with a track history of catering to the sector you operate in or the system has the flexibility to be configured for specific needs is an advantage.

Look at your ERP features requirement list carefully, as the requirements for a manufacturing business compared to a retailer will be different, so it is important to make the right choice.

Although it may appear more cost-effective to go for a generic ERP software sometimes, the risks with this approach may outweigh the benefits. As you may discover that the generic system you have rolled out to your business can simply not carry out some of the key functions you intended it to support or be as flexible as you wish it to be.

It might also be more challenging to implement a generic system that does not take into account the unique features of your manufacturing business. The cost of abandoning or trying to improve a generic ERP may end up being more costly than choosing a bespoke or configured system in the first instance.

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A good implementation is key

Rolling out an ERP system to any business is a project in itself. This powerful business process management tool streamlines many business processes. So careful planning and resource allocation is key to a successful ERP implementation.

Firstly, identify all the processes that you would like the ERP system to support and then carefully consider various factors - like the resources required to implement the system i.e. Would you hire an ERP project manager specifically to give the project to a current member of staff to oversee the process?

Timing is also a key consideration. You will need to consider which core functions to implement first as a staged approach over a period which will cause less disruption and provide a transition period.

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