Minimise risks with HACCP principles and ERP software

Posted by Glynn Williams on 8 Sep


Minimising risks when it comes to food safety is imperative for any food business. Ensuring every employee has the knowledge and understanding of HACCP and having a food safety plan in place will benefit all food manufacturers.

The principles of HACCP

There are seven clear principles that help food manufacturers ensure food safety. It starts with a 'Hazard Analysis' which is an assessment of biological, chemical and physical hazards.

  • Biological hazards include bacteria that can cause food poisoning.
  • Chemical hazards take the form of pesticides or residue from cleaning detergents.
  • Physical hazards include contamination from different materials like glass, wood, flies and so on.

The second stage is 'Critical Control Points' (CCPs) where hazards are identified to ensure food safety. These are closely linked to the next stage known as 'Critical Limit' which are specified safety limits for the CCPs, separating safe products from the unsafe.

Next, is the 'Monitoring' stage where procedures are established to make sure hazards are controlled at the specified CCPs; this may include actions such as regular temperature checks, time recording and strict storage compliance.

Then 'Corrective Action' needs to be taken when monitoring identifies critical limits have been exceeded. This action should resolve the issue or prevent the item from entering the food chain.

The sixth stage is about taking an overview of the system in place to ensure it works as effectively as possible. Finally, appropriate documentation should be used to demonstrate effective working practices and log every step of the process.

The HACCP principles help food manufacturers to identify risks, action and maintain food safety. 

Using ERP as a food safety management system

ERP software can double-up as a food safety management system and be used in other areas of the business such as finance and sales department. It offers manufacturers control over the various sections of the production process, plus access to real-time business intelligence.

ERP software features provide full batch traceability

As data, can be stored at all stages of the supply chain and production, it gives full batch traceability from farm to fork. Data from when products were made, which equipment was used to which employees were involved in the process are all logged. If issues were to arise complete tracking back through the chain can be done to identify the source of the problem.

Managing raw materials

Food manufacturers often face huge costs when it comes to raw materials. Shelf life and increasing costs mean it's important to manage raw materials well. Stock Food and Drinks ERP Solutioncontrol functionality within ERP will allow efficient planning and balancing of supply and demand.

Complete quality management

Quality management plays a vital role when manufacturing for human consumption. This stretches across sourcing, processing and packaging. Having a system in place can keep track of all of this and save all auditing documents securely. 

WinMan ERP software is a comprehensive system that offers food manufacturers the safety and security in the knowledge that their manufacturing process will be streamlined and in one place. To find out more, get in touch with us today.


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