Meeting standards with Food Safety Management software

Posted by Glynn Williams on 19 Jul


Food safety management and quality control are increasingly important factors consumers take into consideration when choosing where to make purchases. In the face of an increasing number of very well-publicised product recalls in the last decade, the public is becoming a lot more aware of standards where food safety is concerned. Food-borne illnesses are common and range in severity from minor ailments to death. The result of this is a growing need for food and beverage businesses to replace, remove or destroy products from their supply chains. This results in unexpected costs and impacts consumer confidence in their brand as well as their sales and market shares.

The growth of food safety regulations and requirements

Regulators have been implementing an increasing amount of recalls for food that doesn't meet safety standards and implementing new standards for both food and beverages. The aim of it all is ensuring that everything entering the supply chain is safe for human consumption. But the constantly changing and escalating standards within the food and beverage industries are making it increasingly difficult to meet and manage standards.

Why should you automate your Food Safety Management system? 

With a lot of organisations still relying on spreadsheets and paper-based systems to manage CAPA (corrections and preventative action), deviations and audits, as well as supply management, information is difficult to update and share easily. This leads to inefficiencies throughout procedures for change and production.

Quality management system (QMS) software is extremely beneficial for food companies looking to meet and manage safety standards, allowing them to automate their processes and ensure they comply with requirements, even when regulations are changing. At the same time, companies are able to reap the rewards of flexibility and a solution capable of streamlining their information concerning quality and management of food safety processes throughout their organisation.

Food and Drinks ERP SolutionThe benefits of meeting standards with Food Safety Management software

ERP systems are fully capable of supporting a comprehensive food safety plan for food manufacturers, which effectively monitors products at every point, from production to packaging, receiving them at warehouses and performing the final QA testing necessary before shipment throughout your supply chain.

Quality control can be easily automated ensuring your food quality processes fully comply with all information available on a global scale, from one centralised location.

ERP systems generally utilise a workflow platform that is flexible in its configuration and capable of tracking, defining, managing, and reporting on any changes in business processes. All of this is geared towards supporting food regulations, meeting standards, and providing the essential visibility that is often lacking in existing systems.

Another benefit of an ERP system is the provision of an audit trail that is both comprehensive and armed with electronic signatures, as well as parent-child record-keeping that can be swiftly and easily queried and audited. This eliminates errors as well as the inefficiencies that come with a paper-based system.

You will also be able to take advantage of dashboards and on-demand reporting capabilities that can identify problems and tracking efficiencies in your food safety management process.

Are you looking for professional advice on the use of an ERP system to help your organisation meet and manage food safety standards? Get in touch with WinMan today - we're here to help.

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