Meeting GMP guidelines with Food Manufacturing ERP Software

Posted by Glynn Williams on 13 Jun


It's difficult to grow and develop your food business in the direction you'd like if you're constantly having to contend with issues arising as a result of warehouse spoilage, or fluctuations of raw materials prices. Food manufacturing strategy and growth can be tough when quality assurance mistakes can be costly, so to run every aspect of your business successfully, you need total confidence that you have immediate access to the unique mix of information needed at any given time.

Food Manufacturing ERP Software can help you minimise these risks, manage your business, streamline your processes and supply chains and improve productivity.

Better still, Food Manufacturing ERP Software can help you meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines and will empower your team. It's ideal for creating greater efficiency when it comes to managing aspects of your business such as compliance, recipe quality control, purchasing, traceability, shop floor operations, inventory management, financials, sales and more. All from an integrated system, purpose-built for your industry needs.

Achieve faster time to market with R&D management

Use ERP software to create discipline in the management of your recipes throughout the development process and revision auditing. Always be aware of the ingredients included in all your orders through a powerful lot and batch tracking, and optimise your entire supply chain for maximum efficiency. 

Hit your business goals for raw material and ingredient sourcing

Get more strategic in your purchasing by tracking demand and seasonal peaks. Achieve greater accuracy for your 'just-in-time' production, and enhance your management of inventory and materials to reduce waste and keep track of the product shelf life. Improve your visibility of supplier and buying trends through intelligence reporting and analysis of your value stream and production management. It will help you stay on top of seasonal demand and managing bottlenecks simpler with the integrated production scheduling tools.

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The automation of the production of barcodes, labels and RFID tags will enforce and improve accuracy. Get real-time tracking of your shop floor allowing for faster delivery and a reduction of lead times, and even share data with your trading partners to drive greater efficiency.

Meet GMP guidelines

Ensure you are meeting GMP guidelines by using backwards and forward traceability for any goods inwards. Create fully integrated processes built around the raw materials you receive, production and packaging efforts, and shipping requirements. Automate your documentation requirements to reduce litigation expenses, and further reduce risks through full audit trails and electronic signatures.

No matter what kind of products you are producing a spreadsheet will only get you so far. To effectively grow your business, you will need effective management tools specifically designed for food manufacturing concerns, which are capable of maximising your operational efficiency while ensuring food safety and minimising spoilage.

High-quality Food Manufacturing ERP Software has been specially designed to help meet the challenges that come with meeting GMP guidelines and growing a successful, thriving food business. It will allow you to achieve efficiency and productivity, while simultaneously offering customisation, flexibility and scalability.
Propel your business to the next level and maximise your growth with an integrated, strong, and multi-functional software like WinMan ERP. It will give you peace of mind where GMP guidelines are concerned. Get in touch for more information about our scalable ERP solution.

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