Maximising production efficiency with manufacturing ERP

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 1 Jul


Production efficiency can be one of the most important parts of your company's ability to make profits. Whether you're working in the food production industry or major manufacturing, the number of products you can make in a set amount of time, based on a set amount of resources, can define just how successful your company is. You can use manufacturing enterprise research planning (or ERP) to make major improvements to the way your business works.

Real-Time Data

One of the major advantages of an effective ERP is the constant flow of production data that you'll receive. This overview of your production processes means that you can easily locate and eliminate any flaws in your production processes. By removing inefficiencies like this, you can set your company on the right path to a greater level of profit than ever before.

System Integration

A lot of businesses suffer from a problem that is simple to understand, but incredibly difficult to resolve. Manufacturing businesses are often very disparate, with different departments working on very different tasks from each other. This can lead to a breakdown in communications, and the different sections of the business not working with each other as effectively as possible. A manufacturing ERP can help to integrate departments, drawing the company into one homogeneous and easy to use system which stops issues from falling through the communication gap

Inventory Management

At the heart of your manufacturing process is inventory management. It's all well and good having some processes connected, but if you don't have a good enough idea of what you have in stock you may find yourself having to postpone an order whilst you are awaiting parts. Manufacturing ERP can let you know your entire inventory and what needs to be ordered in if stock is running low.

Production Scheduling

Another tool in your arsenal to avoid running out of parts and materials is production scheduling. By timing your production to coincide with the times when you have all the necessary parts, you can go forward with your regular production processes at a rate your company can rely on. You won't need to worry about missing the vital parts of your product that you most rely on, and you can keep making your quality products with complete peace of mind.

Quality Control

ERP software can often be used in the quality control process. You can record the quality of each and every product you create and keep track of quality trends, working out exactly what you can do to make sure that everything you produce is to the highest standard. This means that you won't only be improving your production efficiency with resource tracking and management, but everything that you do make will be to the highest possible standard.

Instant Financial Analysis

You can track this increased efficiency with the reams of financial data you can receive through an ERP. With this data you can track your increased production, costs and sales, to ensure that the boost in productivity that you see in the factory translates to a reduction in per-unit cost and an increase in profits on your bottom line. In business, profit is the final indicator of business success, and a successful ERP can boost profits by streamlining your production processes.

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