How to improve the manufacturing process of cosmetics products

Posted by Glynn Williams on 2 Jun


Cosmetic products have some of the most complex and regulated manufacturing processes. With a history of animal mistreatment marring the industry, it's becoming more and more important for cosmetics companies to consider where their ingredients are coming from and the impact that they are having on the world around them. Enterprise Resource Planning (or ERP) systems can help companies to get a more firm handle on what's coming in and going out of their production lines.

Ensure you have enough resources

Keeping an eye on where your ingredients are coming from is central to keeping your operations running. As a company, you want to have a better idea of where the resources you need are and if you need to obtain more. The alternative is running out of ingredients, which could entirely stop the manufacturing process.

Locate your resources

With effective and incisive ERP, your company can track and trace the resources you need from order. Your production processes don't need to be at risk if you can track and stay stocked up on raw ingredients to keep your manufacturing process running. Additionally, a supply chain management system can help you to get a better idea of where your products are coming from, helping your business to make ethical decisions it can rely on.

Analyse detailed product data 

In addition to helping you manage your supply chain, ERP systems allow you to evaluate your product data. By taking a deeper dive into your sales figures and what customers think about your products, you will find it a lot easier to make vital decisions about your products. Companies can use the data to discontinue unpopular or lower-margin products, highlight areas of inefficiencies so waste can be minimised, use the sales data to venture into new product ranges. By utilising an effective and reliable ERP such as WinMan, you can tweak your production processes to be much more efficient and profitable.

Streamline your finances

Using an ERP can often come with a range of additional features. One such feature is financial management, which is ideal for making sure that you always know the financial state of your company. In addition to this, by keeping an eye on incomings and outgoings, you can see where you can cut down on your costs, and where you can take advantage of potential revenues. An ERP isn't just about improving your manufacturing, but it can offer improved financial efficiency too.

Customer relations management

Many integrated ERP software often comes with customer relationship (CRM) features, which can also have an impact on your manufacturing processes. By keeping track of what customers purchases, you can use the data for retention activities, upsell, cross-sell and helping you to create a product that your customers adore and will keep buying from you time after time.

Optional eCommerce

WinMan's ERP has the option of connecting to your eCommerce, meaning that your company has a lot more potential to grow. If you want to expand online, this is a good way of doing so which can integrate product data, supply chain information and sales information into one simple platform. Connecting your business where all data is in one coherent system is a quick route to improved efficiency and can improve your company from sales, manufacturing process to shipping.

If you're interested in cosmetics ERP software, get in touch with the WinMan team today and find out more on how you can streamline your business and make the most of your company's potential.

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