How to Improve Productivity Through Quality Management

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 29 Oct


Productivity is key to success for businesses, especially manufacturing companies. Big manufacturers, have the ability to achieve greater economies of scale because of the availability of resources. Productivity can also be hindered if the systems in place do not allow employees to flourish.

Total Quality Management

Quality Management

Modern Total Quality Management techniques or TQM look at all aspects of a business, from the sourcing of raw materials and components, to production line technology, staff skills, planning, back office roles, sales, marketing and customer relationship management. The aim is to ensure all the departments are working at optimal level and together in harmony in order to provide the end customer with a quality product.

A well designed TQM strategy manages to take into consideration the need to keep costs low and improve productivity, without compromising on quality – a tough balancing act. The road to 'TQM' or initial implementation of it does takes a degree of planning to achieve as it can reshape the way the company works.  

Based on the principle of the satisfaction of external and internal customers and continuous improvement and one of the ways to introduce TQM within a business is to invest in an 'Enterprise Resource Planning' system (ERP) to increase productivity.

TQM through ERP Systems

A correctly implemented ERP system enables managers to access to real-time productivity information whether it is the number of finished products, employees output or the number of products sold. Productivity is not just about the immediate bottom line but, it is also about cultivating strong, enduring relationships with key clients and new clients alike, so that they return to order again and again which helps provide revenue stability. It will improve communication strategies because employees can record previous communications and set activities against a potential, current and past customers.

The end result of a TQM strategy is to increase productivity and quality, employees will be motivated, clients will be happy and there will be continuous improvement.

WinMan ERP Software is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses apply core TQM strategies to current processes to improve productivity. It is a class leading solution for a broad range of manufacturing, distribution, supply chain and retail industries worldwide. For more information or a demo of WinMan ERP Software complete an enquiry form today.


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