How to choose the right Manufacturing System

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 16 Apr


Choosing the right manufacturing system for your business can be daunting, but by following the correct steps, you can make the transition much smoother so that you can reap the many benefits of a new ERP system.

Identify the key challenges that need to be solved

The first step is to review your current business processes. Are there any processes that could benefit from automation that currently require double or manual entry? Do you need to improve and speed up reporting, or are you encountering issues with complying with industry requirements?

An example would be, if you currently manage your inventory on spreadsheets, where data needs to be transferred manually to an accounting system, it could be beneficial to implement an ERP solution to boost productivity, efficiency and reduce errors. An ERP solution, based on lean manufacturing principles, would combine accounting and inventory processes.

Ensure that the system can grow with your company

When choosing your manufacturing system, make sure that it is flexible, scalable and capable of catering for the company's long-term growth. ERP is a core infrastructure and needs to have a multitude of functionality to cater for different departments and business needs. When your business grows, your system needs to be scalable enough to grow too.

Listen to your internal stakeholders 

Ensure key stakeholders from each department is involved in the selection process. These project members will know what they need from the new system to resolve the challenges they currently have. By involving more people in the selection process will also help with change management and encourage buy-in.

Accessibility of the system

Check for the accessibility of the system, whether it can be accessed using different devices to help ensure mobility when required. Although the initial ERP set-up is not always easy, users should be able to simply navigate the system daily. The interface of the system needs to be structured logically and can be navigated based on intuition, which will assist productivity and the more satisfied your employees will be.

Identify any support or training offered

When choosing a manufacturing system, make sure that your vendor provides support and production management training so that you can train a selection of key staff. These staff members can then train other staff internally and will always be available to act as support. There is an importance for you and your vendor to establish a training schedule and set time aside for staff to complete their training. Your new system is only useful if your staff know how to use it properly!

Select a vendor that understands the workings of your business

Lastly, it's vitally important that the vendor you choose understands your business and the problems you are looking to solve. This way, they won't try to confuse you with technical jargon and will frame their ERP solution according to your specific requirements.

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