How food quality assurance and compliance can be managed with ERP

Posted by Glynn Williams on 6 Feb


With consumers paying more attention to food labels, the tightening of industry standards and a jump in the number of food product recalls, food manufacturers are turning to ERP systems to manage the vital processes to ensure quality assurance and compliance in their products.

Analysis by insurance broker Lockton of Food Standards Agency (FSA) data found a 70% rise in product recall alerts between 2012 and 2017, while half of food and beverage makers in the UK have seen an increase in product recalls during that time. ERP food manufacturing software can ensure best practice is central to all food production processes, reducing the risk of a product recall and providing greater transparency from farm-to-fork.

Maintain product consistency 

To deliver the consistent product which consumers expect, recipes and production processes must be repeated accurately for every batch. ERP software allows for the recording, storage and management of recipes and formulations.

As existing ingredients become unavailable and replacement ingredients need to be introduced, ERP's advanced functions will help ensure traceability, no matter what changes or adjustments have been made in different production batches. Users can create batch tickets detailing precise quantities and instructions for production workers to produce standard or custom products, no matter how complex.

Meet industry standards

There are strict rules for food and drink products to which every manufacturer must adhere, covering everything from freshness, to added colours and sweeteners, to salt content. One product can have tens of ingredients, and each one must meet the required standards.

The quality assurance tests of ERP software make it easier for manufacturers to follow the industry’s stringent guidelines, including the good manufacturing practices (GMP compliance) overseen by the FDA which cover lot sizes, allergen control, raw ingredients, product testing, environmental monitoring, storage and distribution, and sanitation.

Follow Government guidelines

There are a number of public bodies which ensure the quality and safety of food and drink products in different markets, including the Food Standards Agency in the UK, the FDA in the USA, and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), as well as a number of private organisations that have guidelines for food products.

The quality control functions of ERP systems can cover the different stages of food and drink production, from raw materials to processing, through to product testing and dispatch. It can also help manufacturers meet expected standards through inspection reminders and regularly scheduled audits, mock food product recalls, and reports. ERP systems can document batch schedules, record recipes, issue compliance reports and provide data for analysis.

Ensure properly labelled products

Regulations require increasingly detailed nutritional information covering ingredients and allergens to be properly disclosed on products using food labelling. ERP systems incorporate lot tracking capabilities and electronic batch records, so manufacturers can accurately create labels with the correct ingredients and allergen list, making it easier to comply with regulations. 

Reduce recalls

Headlines about a food product recall can damage consumer trust in a product and have a lasting impact on the company's brand reputation. ERP systems provide lot traceability at all stages of the production process, allowing manufacturers to track and trace problems during production and prevent any inferior or tainted products from reaching supermarket shelves. Critical control points (CCP) ensure the right checks are in place, and help manufacturers quickly find the source of any issues. The WinMan ERP system enables food and drinks manufacturers to manage quality assurance, compliance, labelling, inventory and sales with specially designed and integrated software. Get in touch today to find out how WinMan ERP can help your food and drinks company thrive.

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