Getting the most out of your manufacturing ERP system

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 13 Oct


Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] systems are great for manufacturers for several reasons. They help integrate all processes required to run a company, such as purchasing inventory, sales, production, finances etc. As a result, manufacturers have total visibility and can improve their supply chain management and customer service.

However, Manufacturing ERP software can be ineffective if it is not implemented carefully. If a company insists on using legacy software or processes while using ERP software, they will end up incurring cost overruns because the two are incompatible. Learning how to use ERP systems properly and getting the most out of it takes time and effort, but here are a few tips on how to get the most out of any system.

Choose ERP software that best suits your needs

Before settling on any software, conduct extensive research on what is available in the market. Your industry, together with your company’s needs and wants, should guide you when choosing an ERP system. Narrow down your wish list to a few core needs that you cannot compromise on to get a better fit for you. Once you zero in on a few options, consult all key shareholders and make a decision together.


ERP software is designed to cater for a wide range of businesses, to get the most use out of yours, is to thoroughly access what is available within the system and compare it to existing processes. Sometimes it is worthwhile to amend processes to utilise what is available in the system rather than request configurations as it may be more efficient. When it is necessary and beneficial, work with your ERP provider for software configurations, at the implementation stage and beyond.

Invest in training

Once the ERP software is in place, train your employees on how to use it effectively. Ensure that your provider supports your staff members as they learn. Training will help your staff cope with the changes and transition smoothly. The last thing you want after investing money into an ERP system is to overwhelm the people who are supposed to use it.

Stay current on the new versions

ERP systems are always changing. Customer feedback and pressure from competitors influence a lot of developments and improvements made to these systems. Therefore, the only way to stay on top of your game is to keep up-to-date for continuous ERP improvement. Often your software provider will most likely offer you a plan where you can get upgrades as they are released.

Review your business and plan for change

Other than the configurations provided by your vendor, you must consistently review your operations and note what has changed within your organisation. If there are any significant changes, then it means that your ERP needs to be updated to streamline your current business processes. Having reviews once or twice a year will help keep your software up to date.

Deploy functions in order of importance

After completing the implementation of the software, move on to the next stage by deploying function or modules that would have the most impact on your productivity. Deploying all modules at the same time may create chaos, and this will cost you time and money to fix. Set up one module, test it for bugs and quality, and then monitor how well it works before setting up another. The management should choose which functions should be given priority based on the current business challenges.

The success of your ERP will take time, so be patient and learn. Find a reliable vendor who can walk you through this journey. Contact us today and let us help you.

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