Digital transformation: Have you got a digital twin?

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 2 Feb


Wouldn’t it be amazing to use real-world data to create simulations that predict how a process or product will perform before financial resources are allocated to build and deploy physical versions? That’s the promise of the digital twin! Let us explain what a digital twin is and why it is, or could be, a critical part of your digital transformation. 

So, what is a digital twin? 

Simply put, a digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical thing, examples include buildings, cars, engines and more, which helps your businesses improve processes, monitor operations and perform predictive maintenance. This concept is increasingly being used in the field of manufacturing. It is also being integrated with various business applications such as ERP software and manufacturing systems. 

Benefits of a digital twin 

 Are you considering the logistics of integrating a digital twin into your business, but haven’t made up your mind? Here are some reasons that could encourage you to make a digital twin part of your business transformation sooner, rather than later. 

Drives efficiency 

Businesses that adopt early on can increase overall production efficiency and product quality. A digital twin enables companies to build digital replicas of physical objects, equipment, processes or systems to improve operational efficiency, boost productivity and maximise profits. 
You to test a physical product through a virtual, computer-aided-design - CAD or 3D model to monitor which aspects need to be added, replaced or improved. This system can be linked with ERP software solutions to collect data directly from operators and equipment in real-time, whilst also comparing the physical with the digital! 

Manage risks in the supply chain 

The simulations you can achieve in a digital twin allow you to take real, both live and historical, data to assess performance. Add an ERP to the mix and automated workflows can take this data to the next level, taking data from across your supply chain to help detect and respond to disruptions without ever impacting other areas of the business. Any insights you can glean into the future puts your business at an advantage. It prepares you for potential issues that can affect your business, as well as upcoming successes, and allows the management to make quick decisions with greater confidence in outcomes. 
Unlike simulation, a digital twin is powered by the Internet of Things, or IoT, which enables it to receive real-time data from the physical system. This improves the accuracy of the predictive analytics models providing you with a better understanding of the monitoring and management of products, procedures and policies required. It does this by keeping records of the past, present, and future projections. 

Customer experience 

Digital twins that feed data into your ERP can store customer data, including complaints, online reviews and feedback - giving you more insights into customer behaviours and demographics. With data and technology at your fingertips, you can modify your products and services that cater to specific customer needs. 
Additionally, digital simulations can be used to predict customer behaviour, such as purchase patterns. For example, a retailer can track which customers have purchased a particular product and predict when the customer will return for more products. Using this information, and by running marketing campaigns.  offers can be tried, tested and proved to improve sales based on predicted outcomes or goals set. 

Remote access for troubleshooting 

A digital twin utilises factors such as the condition of equipment, maintenance records, material used and other data to predict failure. It facilitates virtual troubleshooting, enabling you and your management teams to identify causes of breakdown and possible solutions. This minimises the resources needed to examine the issue and find solutions. 
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