5 key benefits of ERP for batch process manufacturing

Posted by Glynn Williams on 6 Nov


Batch process manufacturers that work within the chemical industry can benefit themselves by using state-of-the-art ERP solutions. The advantages of ERP for the batch process can help them to streamline their operations and get their products to market more rapidly and more cost-effectively while still operating within tight industry regulatory rules.

The importance of quality control

Batch manufacturers of chemicals must first ensure the quality of its products. Poor quality or lapses in quality control can not only affect a product’s integrity, but it can also put health and safety at risk. This applies not only to the people involved in production but throughout the whole operation.

ERP software can provide tools for quality management. It means that both the ingredients, bills of materials and the processing of batches can be finely controlled within specific parameters.

Electronic records

The latest ERP software, whether specifically for the chemical industry or for general manufacturing, incorporates extensive electronic recording capacity. Leading ERP platforms takes this even further, ensuring that records can be kept off-site (as well as onsite) where their security is enhanced. It allows ease of access while maintaining document integrity.

Dynamic adjustment of formulas

The availability of certain chemicals, changing environmental issues, and costs fluctuations, all have an impact on formulae and bills of materials. Being able to amend blends quickly and efficiently is essential.

The ability to adjust formulas is one of the key advantages of ERP for batch process. It allows access and ease of modification, without losing sight of traceability and quality management.

Traceability is essential

Full traceability for all batch process manufacturers is vital. It enables the retrospective analysis of any batches that come under query. Because ERP software tracks and records all batch transactions, it is simple to be able to trace any particular supply of materials to any specific manufacturing batch.

If an examination or review is needed, the data will always be readily available for tracking purposes. The very nature of ERP programming has built-in protocols at its heart, and this ensures that retrospective analysis can be made with ease.

It is an essential part of ensuring full traceability for batch process manufacturers in the chemical industry and other manufacturing niches.

FEFO control 

One of the benefits of ERP for batch process in the chemical sector is support for FEFO management. First Expired First Out rules can be built into ERP protocols to ensure that materials are identified and selected appropriately. In other words, purchases are strictly earmarked with consumption dates, regardless of when they were acquired or entered into the inventory system.

It is a way of making sure that materials past their “sell-by date” are not allowed into batch manufacture.

Research and development

All batch control manufacturers need to have active and ongoing research and development programs to remain competitive. The fact that ERP software can support the concept of full traceability in batch process control can also be used in the R&D field. Knowing what proportions of materials and compounds have been used in batch preparation and the sales history of each batch gives any developer essential information.

Such information is invaluable when researching and developing new products.

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WinMan ERP systems incorporate cutting-edge technology and can be used by batch process manufacturers in throughout the operations. To find out more about how WinMan ERP software can help you to maximise your batch manufacturing operations, contact us today.

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