5 Benefits of Warehouse Management Software

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 27 Dec


2022-11-Mobile devices-1Operating a distribution or manufacturing-based business in the 21st century is tough. Price sensitivity from consumers and consistently rising overheads are putting enormous pressure on companies around the world, and the need to find efficiencies wherever possible has never been greater.

A warehouse management software system is just one-way companies can strive for efficiencies, and it delivers a wide range of benefits that ultimately lead to increased profitability.


Real-Time Stock Control

Left to manual procedures, stock management in a warehouse can become a haphazard, inefficient affair - fraught with the potential for financial loss. However, by adopting specialised warehouse management software, a company can keep a tight reign on operations.

For instance, the ability to identify exactly what is in a warehouse at any given time is essential for making informed purchasing and production decisions.

By monitoring, real-time information workers have an accurate and up-to-date assessment of what is in a warehouse, where it is and when it will need to be replenished. And because this information can be accessed by anyone with sufficient security clearance, it allows all departments within a business to work with the same goals in mind.

Better Customer Service

Having products and raw materials on demand is essential if delays are to be avoided. Warehouse management software can ensure that the right products are available in sufficient quantities.

It enhances picking accuracy leading to error-free shipping. automated emails can also be sent out to customers at key milestone stages providing better communication. throughout the process resulting in happier customers.

Increased Productivity

Adopting a sophisticated warehouse management system can help you get more out of an existing workforce. Warehouse operatives will be able to check inventory levels without wasting time on physical checks, and the stock ordering process will be streamlined for quicker turnarounds and better availability.

In the long term, these efficiencies can reduce reliance on labour, or free workers up to concentrate on other duties. Companies can also ensure that cash is not unnecessarily tied up in stock that isn't required for the fulfilment of existing orders and general demand.

Lower Operational Costs

The tried and tested warehouse management software can result in less staff carrying out the essential duties of a warehouse. More can be picked in less time, picking errors can be greatly reduced and orders can be fulfilled far more quickly.

This means there will also be less time spent on the phone with unhappy customers and distributors - cutting costs significantly.

Integration within an ERP Systems

Enterprise resource planning is software designed to help you manage your full day-to-day business activities and offers a consolidated process to gather and organise all of your data using integrated software. 
By helping you manage warehouse, production, sales, accounting and more, ERP is the driving force behind this pushing a successful business to the next level while continuing to run smoothly and efficiently. 

This ability to create a single production process that can be accessed and contributed to by all members of a workforce reduces costs and delays between various departments, managers and workers. The need to drive efficiency, reduce delays and improve customer service has never been more pressing - particularly for companies in the manufacturing industry.

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