Why CRM Software is important in Sales Management

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 19 Jun


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is the technology used to manage your business' interactions with existing and potential customers. Being a tool for managing communications, sales and relationships, it digitises a number of manual processes and automates tasks to improve overall customer relationship management effectiveness. As a result, organisations can build positive, healthy customer relationships and streamline processes to improve customer service, increase sales and optimise profitability.

So, what will CRM software do for my manufacturing business 

CRM software enables businesses to strengthen their relationships with service users, customers, partners and suppliers. The development of positive, constructive relationships and the tracking of customers and prospects is crucial for the acquisition and retention of customers. This is at the heart of CRM software functionality, enabling you to see everything in a single place.

This single place will hold all the details of a customer's previous history with your company, the order statuses, details of outstanding customer service issues, contact details, conversations etc. If your business is going to go the distance, you need a solid strategy for the future. CRM software serves as the framework for that strategy.

How does it benefit different business functions?

Traditionally, CRM is a sales and marketing tool, but it can be hugely beneficial for areas like customer service, supply-chain management and HR. Here's how different business functions can benefit:

  • Sales management: sales team managers get easy access to reliable information about how team members are progressing towards targets and monitor the performance of teams, products and campaigns. There is less admin for sales reps, and they get a better understanding of their clients.
  • Marketing: clearer visibility of opportunities and leads can help map out the customer journey and better understand the sales pipeline. Data from customers' social media activity can even be factored in to understand their sentiment towards different brands.
  • Customer service: customers often raise issues on one channel then pursue it through another. CRM provides a common platform for these interactions and communications to ensure a satisfactory response for every customer. The customer data gathered will also help you develop an understanding of your customers and product issues can be monitored to see if there should be any major concerns. Customer service equals happy customers and better retention.
  • Supply-chain management: the software can track meetings with all suppliers and partners, and make records of requests made, any useful notes and scheduled follow-ups to help keep on top of operations. Reporting functions also help businesses compare suppliers to optimise the supply chain.
  • Staff satisfaction and retention: CRM can make life easier. Some processes can be automated and just one place to go to for information. This will minimise repetitive tasks and remove the need for staff to look around for information.

Consider the value of consolidating vast streams of data coming from customer service teams, sales reps, marketers, social media and supply chains. These can be translated into actionable business data through a CRM platform that can manage streams of information on autopilot. And out of that comes an integrated view for sales, service, marketing and more, all in a single, convenient location.

There are plenty of standalone CRM systems on the market, but it might be more prudent to consider integrated business systems that include CRM functionality alongside other things like accounting, MRP and purchasing. This removes the need to have multiple systems running simultaneously, further streamlining operations and consolidating data from even more sources into a single platform.

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