What Are the Benefits of ERP Software?

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 8 Oct


Enterprise Resource Planning is used to manage the external and internal organisation resources.

These include; manufacturing, MRP, Service Management, Financials, CRM, Logistics, Warehouse Management, Distribution, Business Intelligence, eCommerce and ePOS and so on.

ERP Benefits

Implementing ERP software will deliver benefits such as:

  • Integrated business processes
  • A single data base without duplication of data
  • Ease of training as the system is similar throughout
  • Ease of use, with strong reporting throughout the software

ERP drawbacks

The introduction of ERP software can be expensive to both purchase and implement. ERP systems can cause some disruption to business operations in the early stages.

Flow of information

ERP software will ease the flow of information between business functions and outside stakeholders. The object of an ERP system is to bring together the functions of the organisation into one system environment, improving overall operations so they run more efficiently and smoothly.

ERP a new generation

Like all things technological, software improves with time. It is important to implement an ERP system that keeps pace with current trends and functionality and which focuses on keeping costs as low as possible, improving overall efficiency and letting organisations make changes to the system as and when required. The latest systems are much easier to make changes after it has been implemented and users find it easier to gain the skills to maintain the system to make necessary changes when required.

What's included in an ERP system?

An ERP system package will often cover the following:

Core functions include:

A changing market

Smaller organisations are realising the importance of information as a resource in and the benefits of consolidating business processes in anticipation of future market growth.


Is it's taking longer to reconcile financials at the end of the month. Your sales forecasts are based more on guesswork, not actual figures. Furthermore, is business having trouble keeping up with its order volume and customer satisfaction? You no longer know what is in stock and it is time consuming to find out.

Then your business may profit from the installation of an ERP system.

Every company is unique, there's no single factor that implies you need ERP. However, the companies that would benefit most from ERP software often face similar problems as discussed above. If your organisation is facing similar issues you may be ready for ERP.

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