How Software can be the Central Nervous System to your Business

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 4 Mar


ERP for the Central Nervous SystemIf the disparate departments in your company could be understood as analogous to the parts of your body, then a comprehensive ERP software would be the brain and central nervous system. One can take the analogy further however. Similar to how athletes and dancers develop a closer and more efficient communication between brain and body, a more evolved ERP system will result in closer kinship between the various departments of your business. The result is a company that can operate as a single organic unit.   

Understanding an ERP in this way can help to relate and explain the potential benefits to your employees and department heads. Here we look at some ways in which the brain/body analogy expresses the possibilities a well-designed ERP holds for your business. 

Creating a common language within your company 

The brain and body work together efficiently because they operate using a single language of electrical signals passed along set nerve channels. If each body part used a different system of communication, the brain would have a hard time interpreting the varying kinds of data and the body would function less efficiently. An ERP allows you to create a single business language within your company for truly effective communication between departments. By cutting out the different kinds of jargon attached to separate departments, each part of your company can more clearly understand its function in any particular process. This eliminates that kind of 'pass it down the line' mentality that can spell the end of effective collaboration between departments. 

Real time Shared Information 

The brain gathers all information regarding the bodies’ internal state in one central area, however, it also makes sure that information is available to all areas of the body at the same time. If an American footballer is impacted by the shoulder of a player on the opposite team, the entire body is immediately aware of what is happening and each distinct body part works in concert to compensate for the impact. Similarly, an ERP is a great way of gathering data from all separate departments into one location, but also making sure thatreal-time information is available to each different department, it allows your business as a whole to react to changes and opportunities quickly and with singular vision. This eliminates the 'dribs and drabs' information approach, where important information filters down slowly through one department after another, potentially getting more and more garbled as it is passed down the line. 

Seamless processes 

When it comes to brain and body interaction, efficiency is everything. Over time an athlete will train their body to perform the same functions with less effort. This comes about thanks to the feedback loop that is created between the brain and body each time an action is performed. If the body action is improved, the brain records that movement and signals the body to move in a similar way the next time. ERPs create more efficient processes by creating a similar feedback loop within your company. By aiding communication and facilitating a free flow of information between departments, it empowers your employees to improve and refine processes. By providing a central database where those improvements can be recorded and disseminated to the entire company, it ensures that youremployees’ efforts don't go to waste.

A highly developed ERP like WinMan ERP can be instrumental in transforming your business from a random grouping of departments into a single cohesive and flexible business destined for greater growth and expansion. 

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